Are you still out there????

~ by insomniac on March 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Gilbert”

  1. I’m in Phx without a computer (using a friends next door) I think of you often and trust the powers that be that you are safe, loved and cared for. Of all those I’ve met on-line it is you I miss the most! Somehow you and your writing got under my skin; if you have laid down your pen or have let your fingers rest from the keyboard we all suffer. Never stop writing, do you hear me from across the big pond? :-))) Always with Love to You and Yours…Peace and remember that all our shadows are the same…Gilbert

    • your comment just made my day… i miss talking to you, but my email to you bounced back so i sort of panicked!! please email me when you get a chance… be well my dear friend.

  2. Hi There, again…a good friend has given me an old but great Mac, so I’m back :-)…I getting ready to start a book of my poems and art and just maybe my life story but I hesitate, don’t know why, but I do…maybe it has to do with putting one’s self forward exposed and all…anyway…gawd Merry I hear and watch the news and I worry, are you safe? what about the kids, family and your job?…you’ll now have my Real & Current email address and Please feel free to write anytime cuz I too have missed our exchanges…until then Peace and Love to you and yours, Gilbert

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