and my heart skipped a beat

And when she fell asleep and left him for her land of dreams, he suddenly felt darkness descend all around him. It was beyond loneliness. It was as if his whole world was reduced to nothingness in a moment. He couldn’t feel or see or smell or taste or hear or breathe. All his senses were paralyzed and his entire being was suspended in some paranormal state. It was as if someone hit pause on him and everything suddenly stopped. Everything in him and around him. Except the thoughts floating in his mind and her aura resting in his heart. All he could do was keep them apart until she awoke and returned to him. Like a sun revisiting a lake after a cold night and hugging the shivering water with both its warmth and seemingly unending tranquility. So, like the water he waited for his sun, hoping the memories of her would keep him warm in the meantime.

~ a writer who wouldn’t admit how beautiful his writing is!

~ by insomniac on July 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “and my heart skipped a beat”

  1. Dear writer :)
    these are among the most touching and heartfelt lines I have came across.
    the imagery is amazing. I love the contradiction in the tranquility of the lines and the vividness of the chosen words. Really I am happy I started my day off with your lines. keep it up and admit it…your writing is beautiful :)

  2. That was Beautiful…Beautiful!

  3. Ah ya albi…

    please write more.

  4. … et voilà a piece of art :)
    smooth.. sweet.. accessible.. touching.. and extremely romantic!
    keep up the beautiful writing dear, I am glad I read this :)

  5. I have done extensive research on this subject, and agree completely with the way this was written. I only wish I had the eloquence to put it into quality writing. I will most definitely make a link to on my site.

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