“آه من خطوةٍ واقفه”

I can understand why you would waste a life time behind a closed door without opening it; doors have that captivating beauty and mystery to them that can distract you from pursuing whatever happiness that may lie behind them…

But I cannot understand why you’d let yourself stand still –even if for a few hours- behind bars that hold you back from all the things you’ve always wanted. There is no mystery about what’s behind the bars; they just keep you back from your life both bluntly and cruelly, taunting you with your own helplessness.

This is why the walls of prisons are connected by barred doors and windows; that’s the ultimate punishment for those who choose to remain in prisons…

You’re not a criminal, you do not belong in a prison… you see the life you’ve always wanted behind those bars… just figure out a way to tear them down…

Your life awaits you, don’t waste it standing still in misery… doors or bars… you shouldn’t blame the door for being too pretty or for hiding the unknown, and neither can you blame the bars for standing in your way… you only have yourself to blame, and so do I.

~ by insomniac on May 16, 2011.

2 Responses to ““آه من خطوةٍ واقفه””

  1. GREAT post.
    your description is so accurate…the very few rare times where i disallowed myself to breathe/live…it felt like imprisonment.
    Luckily, i reached a point in my life where total freedom and all the air in the world ain’t enough for me…as i realize time is not a supportive friend.

  2. some people tend to hang!

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