Om Saddam

She’s almost always there at the traffic light in Kasr Einy Street right in front of the Faculty of Pharmacy… with a smile always beaming from her big green eyes, giving her naturally tanned/blushed face a special glow…

Every single time I drive by, no matter how down or frustrated I am, she just makes me smile and I find myself searching all my pockets and my wallet for change in exchange for those lightly scented handmade jasmine necklaces (foll)…

I never count the change, and neither does she… she always handles me a couple of necklaces or even more as I hang them on that mirror while smiling at her…

Yesterday, I was too preoccupied with my thoughts to notice her approaching me, and when I finally did, all I could find in my pockets was too little change… I was too embarrassed to take her necklaces for so little and I was still too worried I’d offend her if I just give her the change and drive off without taking her necklaces…

ezzayek yammo Saddam?” (how are you Om Saddam?)

bkheir, ezzayek enty ya benty?” (I’how are you dear?)

ma3lesh, mesh ma3aya fakka tany khales, hakhod 3o2d wa7ed” (sorry, I really don’t have any more change, so I will just take one necklace)

wala yehemmek ya benty, bardu khody el foll beta3ek” (it’s no problem dear, still, take your jasmine)

She held on to my closed fist and gently pushed it inside of the car as she gave me three necklaces with her other hand… I was even more embarrassed and I wanted to hug her (but I have serious intimacy issues), so I just insisted she’d take the change as I said “3ashan khatry”…

We exchanged a warm smile for a split second there until she send me off with “Rabena yenawarlek taree2ek yabenty” (I have absolutely no idea how to translate this in a way that captures the warmth of the prayer…)…

And my day was just great, all of it…

~ by insomniac on March 2, 2011.

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