The God-Making Industry

This is not about religion or spirituality, it is not about anything divine; in the contrary, it’s about the helplessness and pettiness of humanity!

In pre-Islamic Arabia, people used to make little dried-dates-statues and worship them… they created Gods with their own two hands, only to eat them when they got too hungry!

Then, there was Islam, and then there was millions and millions of religious, cultural, sociological changes all over the region as well as all over the world… yet somehow that old habit of creating gods never died… it rather evolved, for now we can no longer break our gods to pieces and eat them; we’d rather die of hunger while watching them prosper.

Isn’t this what happened with Mubarak? From a high level soldier, to a war hero, to a vice president war hero, to a president war hero… step by step we put him on a high pedestal and made him untouchable, we created barriers, human barriers that catalyzed the isolation process… we locked ourselves out allowing ourselves to starve and our hungry screams never made it through. It never occurred to us to break the lock, to break those barriers and reach for that god we made and break him to pieces… until 30 years!

I am still blurry on why 30, why not less, why not more? These are answers that may or may not interest me; either way, I will not waste my time or effort finding them, let them find me…

Why are we still doing this? Why are we creating more gods and glorifying them? Why are we overanalyzing things that had already happened forgetting the bigger task?


Building the country. Educating ourselves, educating others, and allowing others to educate us. Knowing what we want of the next government, of the next parliament, of the next president, and settling for absolutely nothing less. Questioning everything and everybody and every motive… taking nothing for granted. ACTIONS, focusing on actions, not promises, not slogans, not well-written or well-articulated words, actions speak much louder than words. Focusing on the role you want to play in building a country from what’s close enough to ruins.

Yet, I see us building shrines and temples, picking ready-made names for gods to be, and getting caught up in what’s been said and done and how it took place… over and over and yet over again! Yes, we learn from our past experience, we should keep learning, but part of learning is TO NOT repeat the same mistake all over again…

So for the last time… let’s save our energy, let’s not make more gods who will take us to our doomgods are NOT made, they just ARE, and they’re like the sun, they don’t need our recognition because they simply shine, and those who mistake a meteor for a sun never live to tell the story…


~ by insomniac on February 15, 2011.

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