Slow death…

Death in all its forms is unavoidable; so why deny it? It’s an inevitable part of the circle of life, so why try to avoid it, run away from it and hide thinking it won’t catch up? It will.

I’ve always thought a quick death would be more merciful than a slow one; it’s the pain of letting go of each breath of life that I always feared… but who said letting go is necessarily painful? What if the pain is slowly relieved by accepting the certainty of death? What if it is soothed by letting go of all the fears that surround death…

So instead of running away screaming in panic, you slow down, take one long deep breath, and then turn around… you see, as you were running away from death, you were also running away from life, your life.

So I guess the trick is to not let the thought of death scare you from enjoying the life that comes ahead of it. Face life, but keep death in your vision as it slowly approaches from the horizons. Let it be the much needed reminder to live each special moment fully, to enjoy love as it lasts instead of crying ahead for its loss.

And when that pain of losing fills your heart, let the tears fall as you take one deep breath after the other; breathing in whatever little joys that come along with the pain. Remind yourself that it’s ok for those joys not to last and that everything ends… but also reassure yourself that endings do not have to be sad or painful… turn that pain into a smile, a smile of gratitude for every single time you smiled from the heart rather than the pain of not having any of it anymore.

If you have to wait for death, wait for it gracefully… and the most graceful way is to enjoy what you have until it is gone, and have no regrets over any of it…

~ by insomniac on December 8, 2010.

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