That heart-ache

It slowly sneaks upon me…

It’s like my heart is a speeding car that suddenly slows down for a speed bump where the engine almost stops…

There is no physiological reason behind it, I am in good shape, or the closest to it…

My mental and emotional wellbeing however are highly questioned; so I get this pain in my heart too often, and it makes my skin quiver and I find tears rushing to my eyes that I have to let go of everything I am doing just to… gather my emotions and control them…

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, no thoughts I conjure on my own cause that pain; that’s the good part, since I have that tendency to obsess over thoughts. The bad part however is that it just happens so randomly; it is completely out of my control, and I can only surrender to that ache and breathe those few fractions of a second away until it passes.

~ by insomniac on December 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “That heart-ache

  1. it’s a good thing you are not obsessing about any thoughts, sometimes ideas tend to have a life of their own and they carry you far and away to the land of no return.

    • oh i obsess, i obsess like there’s no tomorrow… however, thankfully my obsessing does not conjure the pain :)

      but i am halfway to the land of no return with my thoughts :)

  2. […] when that pain of losing fills your heart, let the tears fall as you take one deep breath after the other; […]

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