On a friendly note…

Don’t ask me what I want; I find it out as I go along! It changes with everything that happens around me, and inside of me; it stretches and shrinks, and don’t get me started on how I justify and rationalize the change so it wouldn’t sound like selling out on my notions!

But where is the shame in change? Isn’t this what life is all about, constant change? Am I not a firm believer in that quote “Only stupid people do not change their minds”? Am I not under the Gemini spell of forever changing my mind?

It is ok to change, it’s ok to change my mind, it is ok… the part of which I am not exactly sure yet is whether it’s ok to change your mind for someone, that you no longer know if you really want that change or not…

So I’ll go by the ethical principle, if I cannot be ok with you changing your mind just for me, then perhaps I should resist the change of mind I would do for you. This resistance to change is out of genuine love and care, not pride; I don’t want to feel resentment for you just like I dread you’d ever resent me…

Do I make sense like that? I am not sure I can make more sense…

~ by insomniac on November 20, 2010.

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