Trust Issues!

Eyes? They look, but they store what they see and pile it up only to send it to the mind all at once after having misplaced it for some time.

Pattern? It only makes sense too damn late, has a tendency of being misleading, not to mention defying the notion of “believing and taking a leap of faith despite all the risks”.

Instincts? They are not exactly functioning; they have been battered by previous experiences and blurred by fears.

Heart? Mentally challenged; it fails to acknowledge what it senses early on, and then all of a sudden feels too much when it finally catches up.

Mind? It’s lost in its own inner mazes of issues and defense mechanisms it has to overcome only to find too many input thrown at it suddenly from the eye that failed to see, the pattern that just made sense, despite the instincts that  were not believed in time, because the heart was yearning for comfort.

What’s there left to trust if all those have failed you??

God? I do. But He is testing all those, testing me, and I am expected to pass, but I don’t know how…

Clues? Anybody?


~ by insomniac on November 2, 2010.

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