Ethics, twisted…

If someone is an icon for doing a greater good… known, recognized, loved, appreciated, and even rewarded for something they do that the world immensely needs… If that person is actually good at doing that kind of good, and getting somewhere with their goals for the better being of society… would it be ok if they do in secret the exact same evil they fight in public?

Of course not…

But bringing them down would take down their cause too… not only would their supporters realize they supporting a fraud, but they will probably also no longer believe in the original good cause, or in good causes, if those who “fight” for them do not bother doing by them, let alone do the exact opposite when no one is watching…

It gets worse… it will kill hope and optimism for a better world, a better society… it will eliminate faith and promote cynicism for it will take down the notion of heroes…

So what should one do…?

Cover up for a hypocrite because that would be the only way to protect their good cause and make sure it is still believed in, supported, and attended to?

Or uncover the hypocrite because they should be disclosed and tried for the harm they have done to people, to the cause, and to those who believed in the cause and in them… but also take the chance of undoing all the good work they have accomplished…

I would go for the latter, because I personally believe that the greatest insult to any good cause is to be done by a fraud who would ignore it without blinking…  I’d rather a good cause be lost than be represented by a person who uses it to abuse it behind closed doors… I’d rather be a cynic than have fake belief in someone and honor them for the same cause they dishonor…

I guess that’s me… I’d go for a punch in the face over a stab in the back any day of the week … and I’d wish the same for everybody else, even those who would prefer denial…

But hey, I just challenged the utilitarian ethical theory… so what do I really know?!

And I dare call myself a hopeful optimist, or is this denial??


~ by insomniac on October 27, 2010.

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