What difference does it make

Like an empty deserted boat with tiny little cracks…

It may not be broken yet for water to get in and take it to its depth… but a storm or even a strong ruthless wind can cause the cracks to get bigger and soon enough it would fill up with water and sink to the bottom…

It could use some fixing, but it’s lost at sea now, all on its own, with no sail, no map, nothing to guide it but sunrise and sunset… only in between, it constantly loses its way…

Can an empty deserted boat trust the water to carry it to safer shores, or would the water carry it even farther to stormy oceans where the waves would shatter it to pieces and no one would ever know it existed…

Actually, the question is more like… does the boat really have much of a choice; its fate is already left for the water to decide… so what difference does it make if it trusts the water or not?

~ by insomniac on October 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “What difference does it make”

  1. Well I would say that the boat does not have much of a choice but at least it should know that the wind is probably going to wreck the hell out of it but it would be great that the boat does not have much of high expectations towards the outcome it gives it some peace while it sinks but peace or no peace it would sink

  2. Well I know you were, would you have rather me to bullshit you dear.. This is what they call tough love.. i would leave the marina if i were you

    • you didn’t get the analogy right… a boat belongs to water just like humans belong to life… in this particular case it is something bigger than life that the water resembles…

      don’t ruin this for whoever reads it ;)

  3. elly bye7sal hena da esmo egram…because i check your blog for new posts everyday and nothing…everyday and nothing then BOOM TAKH fag2a three posts mara wa7da :D
    oo enty 3arfany mafeesh beiny o bein el readers 3amar :)

    on a more serious note, ya fandem enty mesh boat…enty ghawasa 3ala aqal taqdeer ;)
    and remember keda the specs. of submarines wenty te3rafy ad eh enty sett gamda o mahma 7asal o mahma faat wa2t u can pull anything through and end up a greater person…da ela ganeb enek bmeet ragel (m3a shadeed e7teramy leldawaleeb).

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