Like music to my heart…

It brings joy, and it brings sorrow…

It helps me breathe, and it takes my breath away…

I feel it, I understand it, but somehow it manages to leave me with pain and confusion…

I can’t blame it, yet I may stop listening to it for a while until I heal…

But I will always appreciate it and always hold it, deep within my heart…

~ by insomniac on September 23, 2010.

15 Responses to “Like music to my heart…”

  1. And I thought only weeds grew so fast, what a wonder this Morning Glory is.

  2. hey old virtual mate, i have been away of the blog world for a while & haven’t read any of ur post for the last year, i’m sure they r as they always were full of wonderful & sincere thoughts, i don’t know why i felt today that i’m missing you & your words, so i decided to drop a line & say hi, i hope life is treating you well in the way you truely deserve…

    • it actually made me smile seeing your alias!

      you did disappear big time, and i hope life is treating you better than it had treated me :)

      do post stuff, i miss debating :))

      as for missing my words, they’re all over the place, knock yourself out :D


  3. bringing a smile on ur face works great for me…:)
    as for life treatment i’m trying to stop caring about it… i hope for the good & will try to deal with the worse
    sorry but satisfied happy me won’t be seen here on the virtual world… usually is the run away me who will show up occasionally whenever there is no clear way
    see… u asked for debating so don’t blame anyone :)

  4. if a year of working out on your teasing skills didn’t work, i don’t know what would

    and it’s ok…

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