The Irony…

The things we try so hard to do and fail… are sometimes the very things that happen on their own the moment we give up and stop trying!

It is such a cruel irony to feel that all your efforts have gone in vain when all you had to do was sit and wait…

Actually, on a second thought, it could be the inertia of your efforts that got things to change, only you were too busy catching your breath… after all, it was all your own doing, you just had to wait and see the results… see, then feel, then understand…

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest irony of all… whatever it was you wanted to do or change, you never really wanted it, it was just one more defense mechanism only better disguised than the ones you got used to identifying…

Don’t cry now, don’t let those eyes dry yet; there will be more tears to shed because the inertia is now in charge and you have absolutely no control over what it does or changes on your behalf… stand still and watch everything come to ruins… then cry your heart out…

~ by insomniac on September 20, 2010.

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