A Black Diamond

They always tell you that when wanting to know what’s right, see which is harder and it probably is the right thing. Yes, the right thing always seems to be the hardest to do; it sometimes even comes with its own set of fears of “what if I can’t survive this?”

But what they never tell you is that choosing to do the right thing despite how hard it is, is in fact easy… only those who have it in them to choose what’s right would tell you how easily the choice comes to them… only those find a certain kind of ease that sustains them through the challenge…

Sometimes I wish I were not one of those, but alhamdulilah, not today.

~ by insomniac on August 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Black Diamond”

  1. That is only because you are an exceptional person.
    Recognizing the “right” is a hard task for most people believe me. Some spend lots of years and go through many hardships to know what they should choose.
    But, you have an amazing set of defaults that guide you and guard you.
    May allah bless you for being the human that you are and being the friend that you were/are to me in the past few years. (aha, i remember every situation you were my “right” eye in and i am really grateful)

    • it takes one to know one ya roosh… and you’re my rock, you must know that, you’re my reference and quite the soothing one as well… in the worst of times, you know how to help me find peace and make me feel blessed to have a friend like you always caring for me… and i don’t feel like i am a freak… ya3ne, two freaks is better than one…

      next thursday book club, wohoooooooooooooo

  2. I think that recognizing the right thing is easy. It should always be asy to react and do what is right but sometimes that still can be hard, or atleast for me. It is a good post and reminder as to what we should all do.

  3. i agree, recognizing the right thing is easy, but it is usually disguised with fears and pain that might keep one from choosing it…

    sometimes it’s best to just detach and ask one’s self what they would advise a friend if he/she is in the same shoes… applying our own theories tend to be harder than we think sometimes…

    thanks for the visit, and the comment.

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