A Good Man

What is a good man?

My father always said that one’s only reference to what’s good or bad should be religion. A good man is a man who does right by people as per religion. BUT, the more I look around, and the more I think, I see that religion is like everything else in our lives, very subjective. Alright, I stand corrected; the perception of religion is very VERY subjective.

Not just religion, give me any other concept, and I guarantee you, any human being can stretch it all they can to fit their best interest or justify their mistakes… we’re humans, that’s what we do.

But what defines a good man if all is subjective?

I look at the men in my life for whom I have high regard… and I see what makes them good men in my eyes, but I also see what makes them not so good in others’ eyes, and perhaps even mine if I decide to let go of my own eyes and try a different pair of eyes.

It saddens and confuses me that all of those men would lie, and that each would make his lie sound like a justified version of the truth… and between all those versions, the truth loses its meaning and its value…

Even worse, I find myself loving those men, accepting them for who they are, and codepending on them to get through my days, until I lose perspective of what’s better for me for their sake…

Yesterday, I looked in his eyes and one thought took hold of me… this man could be telling all sorts of lies, but no one has ever been that honest with me… he believed his lies, and he definitely did not lie about how he felt, and that was enough for me to make him good! Good despite his anger and hate, because he only held me tight when he meant it, even if it didn’t make me feel as safe as it did years and years ago…

Life is strange. It is full of definitions that don’t exactly apply or make sense, yet we all insist on living by them as they fail us one after the other; God forbid we live without them…

~ by insomniac on August 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Good Man”

  1. Merry..
    I loved this :)
    Makes me think what does it take a man to be for him to be that good to mee… *blanks out*

  2. I freaking relate!

  3. I just read a funny quote. Boys make good pets. If you think of them that way doesn’t really matter if they are good or not, what matters is that they don’t poop all over your carpet and shred your couch :-)
    Just thought y’all needed some funnies

  4. Glad to see you’re shedding the weights of past beliefs and starting to take the journey into the spectacular world of variables.

    It’s not just how we see people, it’s how we see ourselves, are we as constant as we think we are, or are we – like everything else – quite variable?

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