My Mirror Image

I don’t even remember why I wanted to make my own mirror frame or what inspired it… one day I decided that after having redecorated my room, I would make my own mirror frame. My first instinct was to go with mosaic, and I got really enthusiastic until I couldn’t find the material; moreover, walking around in Maadi and seeing all those big mosaic plant pots in the street seemed like a turn-off – mesh ha7ot 7etta mel share3 fe odty!

And before I even thought it through, I kept looking for photos and pictures that felt like me, things I want to do, and places I want to visit… I cut them, got a plane wooden frame without finish, and started working on it. I finished gluing all the pictures at the same night I started! As tired and sore as every muscle was, I was relaxed and proud of my work.


the photos

working on the layout

before the finish... and the mirror

I finally got the mirror and hung it last week after adding a matt finish, but I couldn’t take a picture of the mirror without me in it…

Now, as I started uploading the photos to the post, I realized that I am all over that frame; wasn’t the theme “a mirror”?

I got the photos mostly off flickr by searching for words of things I like and I kept browsing through the image results until I found the ones that spoke to me. My thanks go to all those flickr people who post those photos.

~ by insomniac on July 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “My Mirror Image”

  1. i really like it cheers mate , very nice idea truly i guess i might copycat u if u dont mind !!

    • you can’t copycat me if you tried… you will always come up with your version of it :) s go ahead, look for your own mirror image :)

  2. meant copycate the idea not u u dear ,wow u make me smile .

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