فإن السلاسل تعلمني أن أقاتل أقاتل أقاتل*

I am a fighter… I try to find a different word, a different notion that describes me, but this is the one…

Even in the simplest of things, like going uphill, I’d walk faster and with more determination than I would when walking downhill. A downhill feels more like a fall, which makes me rather slow and cautious, but an uphill is a challenge… and the more tired I get, the faster I walk. What can I say, I was born a fighter!

I really hate admitting it… but turmoil brings out my strength…

I just wish there is more to it than just fights and turmoil, I really do.

*Title Credit:  أحبك أكثر Song

~ by insomniac on July 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “فإن السلاسل تعلمني أن أقاتل أقاتل أقاتل*”

  1. there is alot i want to write but some how i am lost of words to cut it short there is nothing letf to fight and much much more to learn

  2. have always been to me!

    • and you know what worries me, the calm “downhill” moments! they never help me relax, it’s like “what’s next??? tab can i collapse now?? tab if i do, will there be an uphill for which i am not ready”


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