Love is the easy part…

Disclaimer: this post is nothing but my own opinions on the matter in addition to some random thoughts that hit me due to several conversations with friends on different occasions… Bottom line, don’t try to make sense out of it, and please don’t argue to change my perspective, it’s just mine…



My friend told me that my fear is from “love”, not “marriage”; he said that as resentful as I am of marriage, all it takes to get me there is to feel that kind of love I wouldn’t allow myself to feel… or something along those lines. As right as he might be, it made me think; I don’t believe” love” is too hard for me to consider… in fact, I think love is so easy!!

We all “love” other people who give us the necessary amount of attention, people who show us they care by checking in on us, people who listen to our rants and make us feel better about things, and most importantly about ourselves. We start thinking of their names the moment we feel lonely and yearn for their company and the warmth it brings. That is not hard, trust me; all it takes is one person who finds another interesting enough to “pursue” them, and they start showering them with care and attention, et voila!

This is how I see people say they have “fallen in love”; this was how I “fell in love”!

But this is too damn easy, I swear. All it takes is to be nice enough for one person and rather accepting for another, and before you know it, you have two people who call themselves “love birds”! Of course it helps if they have mutual interests or similar hopes and dreams, but it just doesn’t make love any harder, only easier.

You know what’s hard? Trust is hard. Acceptance is hard. Endurance is hard. Forgiveness is hard. Feeling at ease whenever you’re with that special someone is hard. Having endless faith in someone is hard (borderline impossible if you ask me). And finally, resisting “easy love” for the sake of something deeper and more profound is hard.

I never did it the hard way; I never knew there was a hard way to begin with! And when I examine each of the things I said, I realize the closest I’ve ever felt like any of those was with friends. I guess this makes friendship consequently hard, only it’s not! I personally find friendship to be only hard in retrospect; when I look back and think of all the time a friend of mine has seen me through and never failed me.

Anyway, I don’t mean that we all should go and marry people with whom we’ve been friends for a considerable amount of time; it obviously doesn’t work that way either. I was basically taking a moment to redefine what love should be like; it should be “hard” I suppose…

Whatever… As always, Nina has made it much easier for me to say… strangely enough, that song played so randomly a couple of weeks ago and I only paid attention to it then, but it’s perfect… That’s all I want from you



I must have been Nina in my previous life or something…

~ by insomniac on July 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “Love is the easy part…”

  1. Totally agree, people misinterpret whatever feelings they feel to love, love shouldnt come quickly, shouldnt be that reckless, shouldnt be that easy

    that’s why I deeply believe that love feelings (in most cases) are nothing but follies.

    • deppy, i think people overrate crushes or “liking” someone, and they add their own catalysts to the feeling until all of a sudden they make themselves believe they can’t live without the other person… it could be pre-mature love that will never survive, or just something that wasn’t even real to begin with…

      it’s both amazing and sad to sit on my high horse and watch people do it all the time as i promise myself i won’t “fall” in that kind of love… but it’s safe right here, teegy gamby?

    • ana a3da gambek aho w shyfa mahazel, msh shyfani? :D

      but the question is, how to make sure you done it the hard way/the right way, how to make sure your love is rather mature?

  2. I agree, love Nina tab3an and,
    I think kol 7ob o loh zrofoh, like having kids…fee welad nice and easy men awel their pregnancy l7ad ma yekbaro oo fee welad la3na :D
    both are loved i guess bas the hard one’s love had the chance to be proven despite all hardship.
    methaya2ly sooner or later love will be tested by life hardships o ely 7ayasmod tests el: trust, acceptance, belief oo etc…is the one worth holding on to….at least as long as it lasts bema en eldawam lelah wa7doh ;)


    • :)

      of course kol 7ob loh zoroofoh… you know what i had in mind… (ok, i deleted what i had in mind, ha2olhoolek lama netkallem, it’s such a long personal rant!)

      you know what just hit me… hard love feels easy, it is hard to build, but it brings ease with it… just like friendship comes with a certain kind of relaxation….

      roosh roosh, log on when you see this!

  3. You’ve been tagged over here :
    Please pay my lil blog a visit and drop a comment or two :)


  4. i think people confuse lust for love and forget that there are different types of love…:) great Nina song!

    • it’s not just about lust… i think sometimes we yearn for having someone to care for us and show us how special we are bla bla bla… and we don’t give the matter enough depth simply because we’re missing certain things that person provides… we call that “love” sometimes…

      yeah, Nina is the best!

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