Wa7ed shallooot fel ego inspired by my honeysuckle plant!

Like the honeysuckle, I look relatively plain in daylight, but the night is my kingdom just like the night breeze triggers that sweet scent from those tiny fragile petals! It’s called “مسك الليل” (literal Arabic translation: Night Musk) because only the night brings about its scent.

Like the honeysuckle, I am tough enough to survive a tough environment and a careless caretaker, I hold my own like it holds up it stem, and survive until it’s time to blossom again. I may look yellow and pale, but I am as tough as they come, apparently!

Honeysuckle is a June plant, and I am a June girl!

a shrub that looks a lot like mine!

I might be a tulip as far as flowers are concerned, but when it comes to plants, I am definitely a honeysuckle!

~ by insomniac on June 22, 2010.

14 Responses to “Wa7ed shallooot fel ego inspired by my honeysuckle plant!”

  1. i think i was in the 11th grade when i convinced el3yal en the honeysuckle plant bte3mel demagh…you can imagine how in the break everyone was sucking on the flower with utter excitement :D
    FACT:It tastes sweet :)
    like u…and…meen elly 3ando 3ama alwan and told u that u look pale and plain in the morning…i beg to differ, you don’t.
    Yet, i agree…night is more charming…it wraps everything with its charm.
    hugs ya gameela*

    • hahahahhahahahaha

      i used to suck it too whenever i found the red flower in our garden in Alex!!! i didn’t know it was honeysuckle then, but it made sense when i did; it’s nectar is really something!

      ma7adesh 2aly 7aga, enty hatbaltagy 3al nas!!!

      ya rasha 3ayzeen nokhrog ba2a!

  2. hmmm la fe3lan masha2 allah 3aleko ma gama3 ela lama wafa2 ;)

  3. enty o el madam de mafroogh menha enama ENTOOOOOOOOOOO o mesk el leil de gedeeda ! wa7da nasaba bet2ool lel 3eial eno beye3mel demagh o el tania used to suck it aslan without being told .

  4. sanya wa7da…it’s an international trend…check the related posts 7atla2y mesk el leil suckers on the other side of the Atlantic ocean looool
    esh 3arafak enta :P

    • LOOOOL fe3lan, maggama3 ellamma wafa2, i checked those related links too w a3adt ad7ak…

      ya benty ba2ollek tofoltoh mafehash mesk el leil!!!

  5. Aiwan!!
    astatee3 an ogzem en tofoltoh makansh feeha mesk el leil!!!
    (ana wa23a men elde7k 3ala elgomla de…bamattar as u know)


      e7na leeh delwa2ty mesh khargeen w a3deen bened7ak be soot 3aly fel share3 wala f ay 7ettta badal manty fel beet wana marzoo3a fel shoghl…. w wa7ed “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHH”

    wallahy was just thinking the same…u can tell enny mhayesa, don’t u?!!
    7aga TEEET!

  7. sania wa7da keda … howa eih mesk el leil ely mosh fe tefolty ba2a dana le7ad mn 5 min bas kan fe eeidy mesk el leil baftar beh

  8. ya ahmed…da mesh mesk el leil ya 7abeby…da naboot elghafeer he3he3 :D
    (sorry ya inso shaklena bawazna elpost)

  9. LOL
    ana a3da batshanneg mel de7k fel shoghl… bas kefaya, etfahmo fel mawdoo3 da offline…

    fater beeh, tab maho maggamma3 ellamma wafa2 ahoh :P

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