A week later…

After 7 days of posting this, I:

  • attended my first jewelry making class, and liked it…
  • read enough about mosaic making online, designed the drawing for the mirror frame, and will work on it once I get all the material…
  • bought a honeysuckle plant that is barely surviving the nasty weather..

That’s 3 out of 6!!

I also got a new haircut that took me 10 years back when i used to cut my hair like that and actually felt good about it!

my first "jewelry" work

~ by insomniac on June 21, 2010.

10 Responses to “A week later…”

  1. Just awesome…I’m so glad u managed to tick a few things off ur list and started doing stuff u enjoy. Keep it up! Soon u’ll be too busy enjoying :-D

    • hahaha, thanks!!

      i am changing too many little things in my life, and i like the rush and the overwhelming feeling change brings!!

  2. 3ayza 2ashoof el 2assa el gedeeda :)

  3. yaaaaaaaaaay *me happy and bouncy*
    l2awel wahla i thought u got ur lappy a little ornament that looks like a 50’s woman hairdo :D
    then i read your post…
    proud of u girl…HUGS with pearls*

    • LOL @ 50’s woman hairdo!!

      (speaking of hairdo’s, washed it, followed instructions, and still loving it :P – lel 7a2, i miss the long hair nonetheless)

      ana kaman mabsoota ya roosh, and trust me, i thought i was a failure while working at the workshop, bas once i went home and started getting ideas, i started feeling better!!! hahreeky hand-made gifts, hehe3!

      glad i made you proud, means a lot to me :)))

  4. ghaleban jeeka ely 7atzaha2ek talabat :D
    I am positive ur work will be really special, with ur sense of style, it would be something beautiful.
    Go Inso Go


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