Goat or Sheep, it still is HELL!

sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

So you’re told all your life to be sheep and conform to the rest of the herd. All your goat habits are tamed, changed, or just mysteriously taken away… Sadly, you end up being BLACK sheep!

da zoll da wala fawda

~ by insomniac on June 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “Goat or Sheep, it still is HELL!”

  1. that’s life Inso..

  2. strong song!

    • my sister used to play it for my son all the time, i never liked it… and a couple of days ago it just popped in my head as i had that thought, u-tubed it to find this rather interesting yet very disturbing video!!!

      glad you liked it, still qualifies for better music :P

  3. It also depends on who’s doing the judging. Who’s judging us as “black” sheep, and who’s telling us to be a sheep in the first place? Who promoted them to a higher authority and who said they’re even right?

    If they promoted themselves, and they rate themselves as being all-knowing, then thats not very credible. If their peers, those who act, talk, and look like them graded them. Then that still doesn’t count for much.

    Only time can be the true judge of what and who is right, and what really counts in the long run.

    As 3amik Shakespeare said: “To thy own self be true”

    I think we only have to us to answer to and live up to our expectations of ourselves, after they’ve been filtered by what society and culture imposes.

    • you make a very good point….

      i wish i could order this through… but i only have the terms in my head and i am too lazy to write down the words that link them together… so i will lay them out for you and let’s see if they lead to the same understanding (wow, sounds like an interesting game…)

      maslow’s hierachy (belonging)… expectancy theory… projective identification… rejection/change…

      hmmm… i just hope i remember that thought!!

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