On Rules…

There are all sorts of rules, good-serving ones as well as stupid, lame, and merely rigid ones… the question is, do you follow the latter nonetheless because after all even those were made for a reason, sometimes a good one?

Personally, I abuse the proverb “امشي عدل، يحتار عدوك فيك”; I take my ethical practice to an unhealthy level that friends would call me an ethical Nazi. I find it challenging to follow stupid, lame and rigid rules, and then prove them wrong as I do so. There was a time I would have stood up against those rules and refused to abide, but somewhere along the line I learned that it’s more rewarding to get what I want after breaking those rules, by following them! It’s an art that very few understand, so do you?

~ by insomniac on June 14, 2010.

9 Responses to “On Rules…”

  1. I feel stupid… looks like the sun has affected my little brain, mesh fahma, momken te2oly kaman :D

    • tab let’s make it easier?

      you have stupid, dull, lame rules, do you or do you not follow them???

    • I follow them tab3an, after all they are my rules and they are there for a reason :)

    • what if you were not the one who put the rules, they were made by someone else and they fail to make sense to you

    • This is why we have brains to decide what is right and what is wrong. Some rules are there for “ta3asof”, and i mean the ones you find for example at work, or over protective like the ones your parents set.

      the sad thing is they should be obeyed, yet sometimes we break them! am i making any sense?

  2. rules r made to be brocken

    • with all due respect, that’s just another cliche phrase that people use/misuse… certain rules should not be broken or even bent a little bet, like laws for example, because they are made to protect people and entities… i was basically speaking about stupid rules… and even those are not made to be broken, there must have been a reason why they were made before they became stupid…

  3. not really i am talkin about rules made by men i mean what made them right rules made by god is somthing else and its not just cliche i dont know a rule i didnt break my self.

    • i meant for the action to be the “cliche”… but that’s a different story…

      i personally don’t think all man-made rules are to be broken… again i go back to the reason they were made… and speaking of which, people have broken so many God-made rules when they didn’t understand the reasons behind them, of course among other reasons why…

      i didn’t mean to attack, i was basically hoping for a real discussion, not just a statement

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