Another diamond

I will…

–          take jewelry making lessons and make my own jewelry

–          take mosaic making lessons, and make my own mosaic mirror-frame for my new room

–          learn to keep a plant, Misk El Lil is what I’d like to have in my balcony

–          keep fresh-cut flowers in my room, once it’s finished

–          take dancing classes, someday

–          travel, once I can afford the trip and the good company for it

In summary, I will just go for all the things I wanted to do without letting anything hold me back, be it worry, guilt, over-thinking or mere laziness… it’s time to live my life before I’m too old.

~ by insomniac on June 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Another diamond”

  1. i want to take dancing classes too… since forever :(

  2. […] week later… After 7 days of posting this, […]

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