In the moonlight…

It’s a thought like all the highly unlikely thoughts, well, rather impossible… because the world we live in is not that beautiful and it never goes our way…


After all, the moon is not half as charming as it seems to be and the stars in the sky are nothing but little explosions that would destroy the earth if they come near it, regardless of how breathtakingly beautiful they all look from afar…


The moon,  the most beautiful of illusions; it’s a lot like love… a piece of deep-pored dim stone that we only see as beautiful and luminous despite knowing otherwise… the illusion we choose to believe against all odds!


And those little stars scattered in the sky; they could be arranged in so many different ways making the perfect setting for all pleasant images that can make you lose your gloom…


So I will just look at that sky from where I stand and allow myself to connect the stars whichever way I please. I will see images of my dreams materializing before me, just as long as I know that when I blink they will be nothing but stars and I will have nothing but this life to “live”…


Cinderella comes to mind, but without the fairy godmother, the stupid prince, the glass shoes, or the happy ending… just the miserable life with no promise of anything better, yet the yearning dream of what could be better… no magic, just the moon and the stars


Happy full moon to me…


And as for you, I’ll leave you with this…

~ by insomniac on May 28, 2010.

One Response to “In the moonlight…”

  1. well ” this ” Cinderella is crying cause that’s the Cinderella i am ..

    now ..

    but the only difference is that .. i stopped looking up ..
    i stopped connecting the stars .. and i stopped looking at the moon in the first place..

    no need ..
    not anymore ..

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