You Stink!

You stink with your piercing eyes, your coarse voice, and your inconsiderate attitude…

You stink with your misuse of religious quotes that you take out of context to make you right and make me wrong…

You terrorized me all my life with vague meanings of religion that made it rather appalling than appealing. Because of you, religion to me was more of a punishment rather than a blessing…

It took me years of anger, at religion and at God because of you… until someday, I realized I was mad at your religion, and angry at your God, because they were yours; they only reflected all the unfairness you presented…

I resent you because you stole away things from me… with every day or hour I spent with you, you maimed my perceptions of things I would have otherwise seen beautiful or found comfort and solace in… you just took that away from me for your own benefit, YOU SUCK…

I will not claim to be religious or even spiritual; I have my religion-related crises, but alhamdulilah, I have faith…

I have faith in a better God, who knows and sees my pain as it tears me inside out… I have faith in a compassionate God who does not accept your abuse and does not give you any excuses for it… I have faith in a God who loves me, and never gives up on me even when I give up on myself… I have faith in a God whom I know will somehow make up for all the pain you caused, or at least forgive me for how I chose to fight back disregarding all the rules, your rules…

Ironically, we call that God the same names, but in my opinion, I cherish him more than you will ever do, because I would never use his name to hurt others, and in sha’ Allah, I never will…

~ by insomniac on May 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “You Stink!”

  1. Religion-wise, he’s not that different from millions of men out there.
    I share your faith.

  2. Religion-wise, she’s not that different from millions of women out there.
    still works bardo
    most religions people don’t even love God, religious is not for God anymore, it’s a life style.

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