I feel too much pain that I wish I could roar it out…

I want to scream, in anger, in pain, in both hope and desperation…

I want to destruct and cause chaos; I want my surrounding to look like how I feel inside… a broken mess…

I feel utter hate, raw hate… I feel resentment… and pain, too much pain… it’s pressing up against the back of my neck making my headache a million times worse…

I feel like my spirit has summoned all the goddesses of anger and hate, and they are now materializing in my body… I am Ishtar, I am Menhit, I am Bast, I am Sakhmet; I want to inflict the pain I feel, so I won’t feel it anymore…

Let my wrath haunt you and make your life as miserable as you’ve made mine…

~ by insomniac on May 21, 2010.

9 Responses to “Scream”

  1. is it that bad ? i dont mean to be a pest for askin . hope by now u feel better

  2. my dear insomniac,
    would you please scream ?
    please .. choose a location that people are rare there , and scream,not shout..scream !

    i just did that two days ago,i was in the car..and in a traffic jam but i was overwhelmed and so i did scream .. i screamed so loud , and with some of the anger inside that it caused me a headache ..

    do it insomniac .. do it , for your own sake .. please !

  3. good sweet relax morning , howa ana mosh 3aref malek aw mady2a men eeh bas i know anty mosh most3eda l2ay advice now u will rafuse fekrat el advice bas momken 2olek t3amli eeeh , rohi l malg2 atfel see mile of kid or mlga2 mosanen w daha hyka2ebk akter so kids fekra mosh batla and will help or u can make shock to ur self by going dream park and take haga men el hgat el bdokah day and scream and god wiz u my friend

    • with respect to your idea…

      i have two kids whom i find it hard to mother them… going and seeing orphans who don’t even have a mother as incompetent as i am would be the last thing that would cheer me up!

      i appreciate the advice, but sadly i don’t believe it would work for me.

  4. a good workout or long run lets all that pain and anger come out…kickboxing is good can picture the person’s face while you’re punching…

  5. ezan praying for u isa takon wave keda wt3ady isa god wiz u fandem

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