Déjà felt

The images are not identical; the context is way off…  not way but off enough.

But facial expressions are just brilliant; they give people away, facial expressions that show that the person is hiding feelings they do not wish to convey…

They do not speak them, not even to themselves where you would be tipped off, but they put them right in there, and they give you nothing but how they try to hide it, and you just get it… just because you have once been there yourself, feeling the same thing!

You did not just see it happen before; you remember how simple things subtly bring back the obscure feelings…

You remember how a person could try to give you their most honest look and how it would baffle you because you really don’t know what that look hides… because you can only wonder, but you can never know, and you never will…

a person who cheats is way beyond right or wrong, is way beyond honest and dishonest; he’ll say all things you want to hear and all those you do not want to hear, he’ll wear a different mark every time and you will just never know” . She told me what I needed to know a long time ago, but only realized on my own later, without even knowing! Ironic!

You remember acting like how that image of yourself would despite how you felt… felt

You remember little details catching your eyes and how you sometimes chose to ignore them and some other times chose to act on them… that image

You remember a moment; you remember how the skin around someone’s mouth quivers…

You remember your own confusion and your own panic…

You remember going back despite all! Confusion? Vulnerability? Something else?

You remember the kindness that would confuse you even more…

You remember the agony…

You remember you promised never again…

And you remember hating it all and having decided to forget…

But you just remembered now because of a déjà vu felt!

~ by insomniac on May 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Déjà felt …”

  1. Tesada2i wa7shteni awi :)
    I need to stop here more often. I really liked this :)
    Here is a lil something I thought I’d give you:

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