Old Cracks…

It once fell, it didn’t completely break, but a part of it fell off and broke to pieces…

Luckily, the pieces were big enough to be glued back into place with patience and complete understanding that it shall never be as good as new but it would be good enough…

The glued pieces looked coarse, so you apply pain on it with care and make sure that even your own eyes wouldn’t be able to trace those cracks…

You come to peace with a fact only you know; you convince yourself that the careless hand that dropped it meant nothing but to keep it safe, and you find solace in knowing that no one can see the cracks or know about them…

And with time, you forget there were ever cracks.

But then it’s out there, exposed to heat, air, and dust, but worst of all more carelessness… it’s simply taken for granted and left uncared for…

The paint melts and fades away, and the cracks start showing again… and with each trace of them showing, you remember every bit of pain and disappointment and anger you felt when it broke before…

And now, the old cracks are bare and you have no idea how long the glue will keep those pieces intact…

It could break, and if/when it does, you know damn well, you won’t kneel to glue back those pieces because you just know it’s futile to mend what broke, twice.

~ by insomniac on April 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “Old Cracks…”

  1. Wounds have to be ‘covered’ for a while to keep it from any other external harm, to soothe the pain, to help the healing process, and to avoid permanent scars.

    (another metaphor, but it was all at the top of my head)

    • your metaphor doesn’t serve my purpose lel asaf, and, a scar is permanent, we just get used to what it look like, trust me :)

  2. It’s about time we all stop surrendering to all the emotional abuse that surrounds us. It’s about time to stand up for ourselves and say it out loud “Enough is Enough”. Overlooking things will never make things better, they will eventually make it worse.

    • problem with emotional abuse is that sometimes it’s hard to recognize, not just bu the abusee, but also bu the abuser!

  3. you have been mentioned here: http://ze2red.blogspot.com/2010/04/validation.html

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