The Bubble…

Yes, it is a bubble… not a cave, not a womb, and definitely not a tomb…

It is not that secluded and isolated… it is not nourishing or selective… and it’s not a death sentence…

it’s a bubble

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It’s transparent; it shows you all that’s outside, and it also shows you to what’s outside denying you actual privacy…

Although it keeps you isolated in a sense, you’re always aware that there is a whole different medium out there beyond your reach that you shall never fully grasp… it does not isolate the trauma of what you see, and sometimes the noise get in, and worse, you can never hold back how you feel about it all …

Like any self-respecting bubble, the pressure inside is much greater than that outside… that’s what keeps it in tact (anyone who studied physics would know that scientific fact)….

And like any self-respecting bubble, the pressure inside shall not hold for long, for it will eventually succumb to the outside-pressure … and when it raptures, all that’s inside will vanish and/or merge with what’s outside!

It goes without saying that you would be taking too much pressure inside the bubble, but somehow, you would probably feel too sheltered against all the chaos outside; a sense of protection perhaps, rather a painful sense of protection…

Makes you wonder, is protection worth such a high price?

The question now is: Can you survive what’s outside? Or will you collapse once you’re outside with no shield to “protect” you?

The more important question is: Which is better, to endure the inside-pressure, or to take a chance at enduring whatever it is that’s outside the bubble?

~ by insomniac on April 25, 2010.

14 Responses to “The Bubble…”

  1. Am loving this analysis.. LOVING IT!And of course I terribly relate!

    The question remains: Can you survive what’s outside? !!

    • of course you relate, hehe, i am that brilliant :P

      aaaaaaand, the question remains unanswered, will let you know once/if i find out :D

  2. I never really pictured myself in a bubble. In fact, I’ve always been conscious of other people’s bubbles and their endless attempts at holding it together.

    It always strikes me as something very endearing and sweet – while I’m ‘there in a corner’ .. bubble-less!

    It’s not that I want a bubble, it’s just that I never fathomed why ..

    .. and at last it hit me .. my bubble is relative – it’s there formed out of all the bubbles around me.

    And that’s how life works btw – an impeccable sort of balance.

    I think that bubbles never rupture, rather be nudged. We get shaken hard when that happens, but if it punctures one fateful hour, it means our destruction khales ba2a .. it’s creepy!

    Protection ‘is’ worth it .. or else what’s worth it?

    • interesting way of looking at things

      i don’t see it like you at all though!

      and i doubt protection is worth the pressure inside a bubble… protection against what? one of the reasons what’s outside the bubble is so unbearable is that the bubble exists :) it made you its prisoner, it made you weaker, and hence unable to deal with what’s most likely to be a less pressure medium!

      yet, protection does have its weight i suppose :)

      “what’s worth it?” that’s a question with million possible answers, but no idea which is the one!!

  3. Well, you will sure survive what’s outside as long as you’re not mingling, but you know “inside” isnt completely safe, the pressure can be way more risky.

    For quite some time you will need a shelter, you gonna need to just watch before getting in action but eventually you have to get a life, you gonna have to come out, cause living is not only watching through a fine barrier, living is to stumble and fall, and to stand up again, and to feel good about that :)

    In case you havent seen this, take a peek

    • :) read your post… yep, we all have our own bubbles indeed :))

      i think the bubble gives a fake sense of safety; what’s outside can’t get to you because the inside-pressure is strong enough to hold the bubble, but you see all and you hear all, and you’re also seen and heard… you think you’re protected, but you’re not, for at any minute you may have to deal with what’s outside without that little membrane being in the middle!!

      fyi, my bubble was metaphor for something, just halfway through writing it, i found myself inside it!!!! i bet that says a lot!

    • looking forward to read about it :)

  4. What’s inside the bubble? It is the same thing outside, air!
    So, when the bubble finally burst it is the thin film that gets affected.
    And this is as far as my empty mind can go :)
    I don’t think a bubble is a protection, it doesn’t really protect. It is just a way for some liquid to act important and trap some air in.

  5. maho ana 2oltelek, empty mind :(

    ya3ny eh imagination :D

    la2 bas begad, the world outside the bubble isn’t that scary. it is more open and the bubble is too fragile to be considered a protection. It is merely a safe carrier from one place to another.
    It is inevitable to get out to the world, regardless how safe it feels inside the bubble.

  6. i love this post!

  7. When i was half way through this i was like, okay, i can understand but i can’t relate.

    Call me practical zyada 3an el lezoom, but i would choose to live outside the bubble. It’s never safe inside as much as we think we are protecting ourselves that way, but once your out you won’t be able to survive. True u listened and watched everything, but never been able to experience for yourself. Never had to fall and stand up. Never been hurt and mended. I think i’m the person who i’ve become because i tend to live it out in the open. I hate to fall and plan too much not to, but when i do i’m never scared to try to stand up again. When i’m injured i take the time too heal and have a stronger come back. I believe that we are never faced with things we can’t handle, even if they seem like that at the moment, but at the end of the day we are all strong in our own ways, and there is always something to learn.

  8. ok, this is for shimz and ze2red…

    the bubble started out as a virtual description of my personal space… but as i went on, it sounded more like i was inside a bubble, which is somewhat still true…

    i couldn’t agree more that what’s outside is necessarily scary… but some of it is just disgusting… when you’re used to seeing things from your own inexperienced perspective, when you leave millions of things out of the equation just because in your own world they don’t exist, you’re in for a real surprise…

    but of course ya shimz, you know ana badkhol fel 7eeta mayhemeneesh :D

    • el dekhool fi el 7ieta dah mn sheemet el 3ozama2 ya Inso :D
      And always head first shewayet dam but the wall will eventually break, or not! who cares el mohem sharaf el mo7awla :D

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