You just don’t…*

You don’t get to love me if you can’t handle me… I know I am no day in the park, but I am under the strong impression that I’m worth it!

You don’t get to love me if you don’t naturally please me… I don’t want you to go the extra mile to make me smile, if it doesn’t just happen, don’t bother trying.

You don’t change who you are, or pretend to be who you’re not to make me feel safe… safety is something I instinctively feel or do not feel, nothing makes it happen if it’s not there…

I do not want a knight in shining armor, I am aware knights belonged to a time where I never lived…

I do not want a hero; I know they only exist in fairytales…

I never said I wanted perfection, I am aware that my imperfection is perfect for someone out there, and so is the other way around…

It’s a lot like Cinderella’s shoes; it either fits or it simply doesn’t, no hard feelings there!

I couldn’t say that many words back then, but I did look you in the eye and tell you I just couldn’t see us happening, and it felt really bad to do that, but it felt good to know for once what I wanted… or did I just know that I didn’t want you?!

So stop trying.

It’s not personal, oh, crap, it probably is for you, and I would never want to feel what you felt, but I am sore, and you’re text book “wrong for me”, and for once in my life I actually know it!

So don’t torment me to boost your ego or fix your wounded pride; you should have never liked me that way because we’re too different and you know neither of us could be fit for the other… but you like being challenged I guess, and I refuse to be anybody’s challenge (don’t you already know I’m too proud?)… and I am too sore to make a challenge out of anyone.

Can’t you just be a friend, it would be great… but if you can’t, just disappear, I will hurt for a while, but I will get over it, may be with some resentment for your childish behavior, but I will live to remember you with a smile, or not… but do you really care?!

Just don’t be an ass; it’s not exactly flattering to be liked by one!

*written some time ago.

~ by insomniac on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “You just don’t…*”

  1. what would one do to be your friend that would make you comfortable with the situation?- just wondering cause i have this friend you see…

    • a friend? all it takes is mutual interests… the ability to listen, understand, and accept without judging… provide support as well as a different perspective… inspire strength and patience…

      i don’t know, to some that’s a lot to ask, but i think that kind of friendship happens naturally without prior definitions…

  2. with arms open but willing to spend the rest of my life at a distance if i must(fox and the prince) can i be your friend?

  3. nicely done… :)

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