I miss you…

I put this photo on my FB profile every time I am feeling vulnerable or scared.

I did not look my best, and until now I fail to remember what the heck I was holding in my hand…

But seeing this picture makes me feel rather safe… the smile on her face, the grin on the side of my mouth, and mostly her arm around me, and me leaning against her like I barely ever do… makes it easier to summon her spirit and remember that warmth I so miss…

It’s been eight years today, and if there was a wish we could make on days like these, mine would be that I would relive the moment when that photo was captured and hold on to her tighter.

Rabena yeghferlik we yekteblik el ganna ya Neina!

~ by insomniac on March 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “I miss you…”

  1. Allah yer7amha, she looks sooooooo kind sub7an allah.
    you carry her legacy and as u pass it on you’ll be doing her good forever.

    • surprisingly, it was not her kindness that i loved, it was her strong character that was captivating :)

      thankoo ya roosh :)

  2. What a beautiful post — isn’t it great to have a such a wonderful memory and beautiful photo to lift your spirits and make you feel safe? What a tribute!

  3. I think you’re holding a bouquet of flowers ?

    I like the pic very much , best thing you can do is pray for her , rabena ytqabal.

  4. you cropped your cute little sister off!! She looked so pretty in pink with her hair a bit mena3kesh and her mouth wide open and Neena’s hand wrapped around her!

    just kidding.. don’t even reply to that :)

    • li’l sis… i cropped you since i put on FB, i just used the one i had on my profile pics!!!

      and i wasn’t gonna reply to that, but now i have to 3ashan wordpress decided you were span and held back the comment :D

      even wordpress cropped you!!!


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