Take it easy… Breathe in, Breath out… Oh crap, GRRRRR

Eh el araf da!

So I bought the Zeyad Rahbany ticket weeks ago, probably the second day after they were available, I actually remember it was the highlight of my messy day!

Last week, the babysitter tells me she’ll be out of town, and since mama’s health is not at its best, I couldn’t just leave them with her with baba being’s out of town like every weekend, and my sisters being at the concert with me! So I sucked it up and told their dad he could do me a favor and babysit them, I told him an entire week in advance, and he said it was his pleasure!!

Despite all my car drama, and all the mood swings, I managed to take yesterday off from work, run an errand, and then I spent the day at the hairdresser’s having a beauty day to prepare me for an evening of jazz!


The concert sucked ass!

Sawy is a commercial bastard who does not know the first thing about music or culture for that matter. Who on earth sells stand-up tickets for Jazz music?! Oh yes there were seats that were all probably taken by 5 for a concert that started at 9! There was those crappy VIP seats and the weird looking yet snooty people feeling all important. Yet, everyone paid the same value for a ticket that had no value whatsoever to me!!!

I would have paid more to sit and see the stage and you know, have the full experience, but no one saw the stage (except through the crappy screens), and everyone smelled and even Zeyad was grumpy!

I ended up leaving the stand-up hellhole and I sat by the Nile as I dangled my legs and risking my slippers falling off in the water. I enjoyed the company of my friends and the breeze and the sound of music that was interrupted by idiots cheering be monasba we men gheir monasba!!

Those are not jazz fans, those were people who wanted to brag about watching a Rahbany play, that’s all. I’ve been to jazz concerts where people sat and appreciated music, and that was anything but that!

I wish Sakya closes for good and Sawy goes bankrupt, that asshole!

And of course it doesn’t end there…

The ex got to do me a “favor”, I left early to take the boys because I promised I’d be there at 10:30! I got held up in traffic two blocks away and I was the irresponsible mother! Oh screw him!!

Today he woke me up to ask me if the kids told me what they did with him yesterday, I said they didn’t and I don’t usually ask. Later today, Beem tells me that his new Batman was given to him by “sa7bet pappy”… WTF!!! So when the ex calls and I ask, he tells me “wa7da bafakar akhtobha”!! I went nuts and I yelled that he SHOULD TELL me those things in advance, and that I don’t introduce every random guy I know to my boys, and that I have to meet her if she is to spend time with my boys!!!

And the sick bastard gloated!!! He thought I was being jealous and he enjoyed it!!! I was gonna start cursing at him, but then I remembered we’re finally managing to communicate rather civilly and I didn’t wanna screw it for the kids’ sake!!

So never again… Sakya or leaving the boys with their ass of a dad who knows nothing about common courtesy and proper exposure of potential spouses!!

Seriously!! Why do constantly feel like I’m the only one who knows how things should be done!!

I am angry at everything right now!

~ by insomniac on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Take it easy… Breathe in, Breath out… Oh crap, GRRRRR”

  1. OMG !! I heard ppl complaining about the concert but didn’t know why…. so that was it….. problem is the hall is really small but they should have sold number of tickets = number of seats.

    and the ex…..rabena m3aky bgad ! he’s like the kallo of your life!

    • the concert was such a disappointment!

      and like i said, Sawy is a commercial bastard who does not know the first thing about music, or manners for that matter!

      yeah, the ex is my fault tho, i keep thinking he’d behave better and i still believe his little lies, i’m an idiot that way!

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