Bye bye weird green-ish car!

We sold my old car after 4 years of marriage, my ex paid for the difference in price for a new car. It was his gift for me for being the tolerable wife who stuck with him through thick and thin, and it was how he made up for making me move to Zamalek with his family. It was also his guilt gift because of the girls he knew, the lies he told, and my bad health through the previous year. I didn’t know about the last part, so I was grateful and happy, and to show him some gratitude, I decided we chose the color together.

He wanted red and I wanted indigo blue, so we settled for light mint green like the brochure, just like we settled that he gets to name the boys and I get to name the girls, and now I have two boys for whom he chose the names.

Before it had a 1000km mileage, he had a bad accident with it that probably diminished its worth to half! He apologized and offered to buy me a new one and I said it was ok, it could be fixed since it was just the body and it would be good as new, and when its mechanics caught up with the flawed body, we’d sell it then! I was such a convenient wife!

I’ve been hating the color since the accident, I don’t know why, but it hit me that green was never really my favorite, and I held on to the fact that it was not exactly green. But since the mirror incident a couple of months ago and the tires fiasco last week, I couldn’t stand it; everything kept reminding me of the other, and with my depression episodes and the 50000km mileage maintenance, I felt like the only way I’d feel like I still have some control over my life is to just sell it!

I sold it today, for the price it was worth right after the accident before we fixed it. I sold the one last thing I owned that we had together, and that thought felt like a complete relief!

I didn’t take anything from it… not the chick grey mats we bought, not the evil eye I got from Turkey after the accident for jokes, and not the Gemini sign I hung there and got him jealous I didn’t get a Libra too!

I watched a man driving away a car I once owned that I had personally chose for my family to ride in… the car that saw all my pain through the last 3 years, and saw my babies’ previous years… as sad as it felt for a split second, I felt some kind of relief it was gone; I needed a new car with new stuff in it, stuff I buy, and more importantly new memories, my memories!

~ by insomniac on March 5, 2010.

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