On this country and its “men”

When a “man” who thinks he has enough authority to impose his own rules of right and wrong empties your car tires because you’re blocking the way to the entrance of the place where he works on a day off, you would think “it’s ok, some people are twisted that way

But when other “men” watch him do this and do not stop him, and when he flaunts his fake power and tells them to tell you that next time he’d burn your car, and no one even has the decency to knock on your door and warn you, what does this say? Isn’t this the solid proof that this society promotes the wrong concept of manhood…

The person who knocked on my door was a woman! She told me all the details and she told me she’d willingly come and testify if I need her to. She was my age… she was shaking with anger that I felt like patting her on the shoulder and telling her it was ok. She dragged her own children from the building across the street because she had no one to leave them with and she did what she thought she should do when no man even bothered…

What does this say?!! Anyone??

We7na fel maadi, mesh fel batneya!!

I stood right there waiting for “el nagda” and when I saw that man my neighbor pointed at, I approached him and asked him for his name and informed him “eno law ragel, yestana el nagda”… he said “hasaly el gom3a warga3lek”… I yelled at him sarcastically and rudely “la rabena yataqabal”… I was swearing al obscene words in my head but I just couldn’t utter them loudly because this is not how I was brought up (sadly) and because I was not sure of his reaction either!

I stood there glancing at all the “men” in the street, and after he was gone, I went into my building and sat on the inner stairs and collapsed into tears…

I felt incredibly weak; a feeling I just can never process… I am a strong woman, and in a country with a better system, I am invincible because I do not violate any rules and I respect people’s property… but in this country, I am nothing but a weakling!

I felt like this country and this society leave me no choice but to hide behind one of those “men” who only speak the bully language the rest of those “men” understand and respond to! With my ethics and strength, I am nothing! People tried talking me out of reporting to the police because the guy knows where I live and what car I drive, and I found myself scrolling my mobile for the names of the guys I know who could get me connections in the police station or even a bully to scare that guy off!!

This is the country and this is the society I live in! I hate how my dad would have talked me out of an action because he fears for me and I hate that the police officer arrived when I was collapsed on the stairs. I hate that he was helpful because either he saw my tears or because his better senses told him I must have the right connections! This was humiliating!

And I hate that then all the “men” gathered to “yehado el nefoos” WTH, where the *teet* were you all when he was emptying my tires!!! Wala betetshataro 3alaya 3ashan ana sett laken mesh adreen to2afo le “ragel”… 7aga qazera we nas tekhaf matekhtesheesh!

What I hate the most is that I ended up giving in. I told the police officer to go scare that “man” and tell him that this time I agreed for the report to be filed dedd maghool but he has his name and witnesses and next time anything happens to my car he will get in trouble. I asked baba’s driver to tip the officer so that he’d remember this… I ended up following the sick rules of this society and I hate myself for it, but how else would a person like me survive…

And it breaks my heart to know that this was nothing compared to what happens to other people who do not have my privileges; it’s just wrong and unfair, painfully unfair…

I will go finish my angry and frustrated crying elsewhere now!

~ by insomniac on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “On this country and its “men””

  1. Sweetie you won, you shouldn’t be crying. You should be happy that you are worth 100 men.

    We all know that negativity rules in the country. And that the “men” won’t really care about whatever is happening to others cars as far as they don’t know these others.

    The woman who told you is an exception for the whole population. How many do you know will even bother to get involved in something like that.

    This is the Egyptian problem, the higher the class of the neighborhood you live in the more likely no one will care about anything happening. So, fi el batnya that guy would have thought twice before emptying the tires. Because di mante2tek. And you would have simply edeteloh bel shebsheb we sama3teeh mn el mena2y lw haweb na7yet el 3arbya.

    Probably this guy is counting on the fact enek bent nas hatkhafy mn 7arakat el baltaga di. And that the people around hayl3abo dor welad el nas bardo we haytanesho elly bey7sal.

    You did the right thing, you stood for yourself. And agreeing to file it ded maghool isn’t giving up. It is warteeh el 3ien el 7amra. This is even better having wa7ed ad el bab yehaded el ragel dah

    And lw ragel ye3mel 7aga, he has a car too I guess. Go break the mirrors, or be mosmar zay 3eyal el shaware3 we kharbsheeha, tooba fi el fanoos. all the good little things that will make him call his insurance company or with little luck pay it by himself.

    And always remember homa matlamoosh 7awalieky 3ashan enty set, even lw ragel kano bardo etlamo we 2alo khalas wel tayeb a7san. It is an Egyptian trade mark mawdoo3 el tayeb a7san dah.

    Cheer up, you won. I am so proud of you. enty argal mn kol el regala and u actually labsteehom kolohom tora7.

    Biiiiig Hug

  2. lel asaf ya inso…. baltaga is the rule in this country , because everyone knows el baqa2 lel aktar 2let adab …. so sorry for what happened to you..

  3. (@%@#$&#$%*^#@#!$^!&^@%*%&^(#%$@$*%&(%*&^OP)&*(^%$@&!&^$*^%*I$@%&*%^#*!#%$&!$@^*%%^&$*(&%^&*%#!$&^%*$^&(^&(*&$#!%^%@#$!^%@$#&^$#^)
    da for now!

    ghaltana…elma7dar aslan was the least to be done…kan lazem te3meleeh…and o howa beysally elgom3a kan lazem his tires yet2ata3o mesh yenamo…it takes rudeness to make a rude shut up and it takes a bully to make the bully stop…and things like: do the mean good 3ashan yet7ergo kan applicable ayam “”ermy alkora ya 3omar, haty alkora ya amal””…
    and yes..i am angry and not sensible.

    l2ano those shemales/ con-muslimeen me7tageen yaklo 3al2a sokhna 3ashan yefhamo elma3na el7a2ee2y lelrogoola…and yeah, men wa7da sett.

  4. Inso am sorry to hear of what happened with you , but with all my respect to people who commented here before me i have a different point of view which should be considered .
    I don’t deny he is very rude and should be killed but still you are a woman and still you are a respectable one . It doesn’t mean at all to deal in the same rude way as he did like people mentioned here by doin the same emptying his tires or scratching his car because simply if you did that you will be just doing the same move you are resenting, i don’t say that you just let that pass but what i mean is taking revenge in your respectable way not in his rude way just to be even.
    YES you are so wrong to let go of that ma7dar thing because its the right way you can revenge in front of all those people who stood just watching that happen so that no one can dare mess with you again because they will know you are not hafa2 as most people are negatively acting in this country.
    Take it easy ;)

  5. girls!

    i sort of agree with Ahmed on this one… i couldn’t have possibly done the same thing to his car, i am better than him and i would never resort to his ways…

    had he even attempted to personally attack me, i think i would have had someone beat him up – i am only saying this in theory since i don’t know anyone who’d beat him up!

    but he was rather scary, and the fact that he scared me from the inside felt really bad…

    As for you Ahmed…

    law kona ro7na el esm, nothing would have happened unless i called someone and used wasta to get my right… and we both know en even fel esm there are those people who would be all about letting it go and being the bigger person we nezam “haty rasek yebosha wel kheiba de”… at least by letting go of the ma7dar as a gesture of eny bent nas probably sent the message that i mean business and next time he will think twice before doing it because he saw how likely i am to get him in trouble… at least i hope so!

    mind you all… i would have loved to punch him until my own fist broke (he was huge and scary and chances are ana elly kont hat3awar)… ya rab yo2a3 fe asas 3emara we howa merawa7 :)

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