An Excerpt…

Whatever… there will always be new stories; it’s exactly like knowing I will always survive whatever comes my way. It’s like how a wheel turns; every low will eventually be a high, and every high will eventually be a low.

You know the phrase “this too shall pass” applies on the good and the bad. This is why I try not to get too attached to things. I can grab a “life-time chance” but I will always remind myself never to hold on too much… it hurts to hold on too much, I know. May be because I never held on to anything that was worth holding on to, and now, I am too jaded to think there ever will be any in what’s left of my years. So the best I can do is enjoy the good I get, bearing in mind, and accepting that it will not last.

Bottom line, it would be stupid to tie myself to the high of any wheel because given time, the wheel will be squishing me with its lowest low.

~ by insomniac on February 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “An Excerpt…”

  1. Very true :(, I was thinking about this couple of days ago, it’s painful and complicated on every single level, makes me wanna quit living :(

    • sorry if i hit a nerve, but for whatever it’s worth, it doesn’t make me wanna quit living!

      the promise of a low if just like that of a high… if anything, it means that a high is as certain as a low, which means that may be we should just keep our eyes opened to grab all the highs we can possibly get, enjoy them, yet expect them to go away without getting too disappointed over them… it’s like “live everyday as if it were your last” kinda deal…

  2. *Sigh
    What shall I say now? Life tends to get weirder everyday and I know for a fact quiting isn’t an option.None of us can quit life by any means.But again..somethings it seem like the only option.I like to ingore all that.I try to define my own highs and lows.I put the bar of expectations and he scale.I fail alot.But the harder I fall..The stronger I know I get…I think.

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