The little pieces…

We’ve been told all our lives that love has no pride, and that it means we change for those we love, without them asking and without us knowing. All the movies and the books, plus the random social inheritance, they all tell us that love is worth giving away pieces of ourselves to those we love, and that by doing so, we find eternal happiness bla bla bla.

Yeah right!

Maybe love is about giving pieces of ourselves to those we love. Maybe it’s about change; for no one really remains the same no matter how they fear or resent change.


A love without pride is worthless. It simply would not last, no matter how you change for it and no matter what you give for it; because having pride makes you feel a power that sustains you through all the changes you make and the pieces you give away.

All those who’s been in bad relationships would know what I mean when I say that along the way, I have lost pieces of me and that at some point I could not recognize myself…

The survivor and the optimist in me both believe that I have gained different pieces as I recovered from my bad relationship… an important piece is the experience that led to the knowledge that as much as I may love someone, I should not let them strip me off of my pieces or change me into someone I wouldn’t recognize…

But the hopeless naïve romantic in me thinks that perhaps change is ok to happen; not for those we love, but rather with them; isn’t change inevitable! She also thinks that giving away pieces is ok because those we love would give us some of their own pieces too…

The realist in me holds on to the theory that very few people would understand what this would mean, and even fewer would know how to do it, and almost no one would have the rest of what it takes to do it for me

And the wised up me thinks it’s totally ok and finds comfort and relief knowing so :)

Did I not mention that I have relationship issues… but they work for me, and I like that.

~ by insomniac on February 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “The little pieces…”

  1. “I should not let them strip me off of my pieces or change me into someone I wouldn’t recognize…”
    Thank you Inzo =)
    I dnt even have words to reply to that.You just described what I was trying to put into words for weeks now so that it would make more sense to me.So again,Thank you.

  2. I was just going to write about something similar :)
    It came to me while watching Christina Yang facing Owen. The little pieces speech.

    I loved it and I love this too :) I think I should think of something else to write about ba2a :)

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