A couple of quotes, and a pondering thought…

He said…

قبل اليوم, كنت اعتقد أننا لا يمكن أن نكتب عن حياتنا إلا عندما نشفى منها .
عندما يمكن أن نلمس جراحنا القديمة بقلم , دون أن نتألم مرة أخرى .
عندما نقدر على النظر خلفنا دون حنين, دون جنون, ودون حقد أيضا* .

She said…

“إننا نكتب الروايات لنقتل الأبطال لا غير, وننتهي من الأشخاص الذين أصبح وجودهم عبئاً على حياتنا. فكلما كتبنا عنهم فرغنا منهم… وامتلأنا بهواء نظيف …”*

I believe them both.


A person does not have to be important to show us parts of ourselves that we did not necessarily know existed…

A person does not have to be loved in the romantic sense or even that close to our hearts to teach us our most important lessons in love, or in my case “non-love”**…

And most importantly, a person does not have to be good to inspire us to do what we think makes us good

I don’t know exactly what it’s about… timing, perception, readiness, previous experiences, good mood, bad mood, self-acceptance, self-loathing, maturity… it could be a million of factors that make us know things about ourselves, learn a love lesson, and/or choose to be “good”…

It just happens, and we find people in our way that can either remain a part of our lives or cease to be of any importance, it’s irrelevant…

In a way, I owe my “revelations” above to a situation, or a few… I owe them to a person who was not that “important”to me, a person I do not love, and a person who is not exactly “good” by definition…

But I think I owe my relief and my peace about all of it to another person, a good friend.

I wrote about things that overwhelmed me thinking that by doing so I would be killing them and all those who were in them even before I read those quotes, but I didn’t exactly have it in me to share them with the world perhaps because I wasn’t ready.

And now, I think they don’t overwhelm me as much, and some of those people ceased to exist in my life on their own, while some remain and I don’t have the urge to burry and mourn them with my words; somehowe, I reached that place at my own pace.

Strange, and puzzling, but somehow it makes sense in my head!

Like I said, it could be a million of random factors that have nothing to do with one another, or it could simply be time, or growing up!

Anyway, it feels good to be at peace with one’s self for a change…

Me and Myself are on good terms today, alhamdulilah.

*Quotes are from the AMAZING book “ذاكرة الجسد” by Ahlam Mostghanemy (it deserves a review that I have no idea how to write; the book is simply beyond words!)

** The term “non-love” was rather inspired by an article I read earlier on this link,before I had those thoughts. I still haven’t finished it, but I did find it rather interesting.

~ by insomniac on February 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “A couple of quotes, and a pondering thought…”

  1. Oh my god!
    This is truly amazing.I really agree with every line you said( Ya5sara no debating here =P)
    Would you mind if I link this in my blog?!
    I really want to see what more ppl think about this:)

    • I feel some sort of victory with you not finding debate material in this (hehe :P)

      sure, feel free to link it, it’s my pleasure :)

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