Dreaming my Dreams…

Most people have dreams, dreams on which they build castles of hope, and promise themselves all sorts of things once those dreams come to reality.

My dreams, the ones I barely ever talk about or share, are rather different…

They are impossible.

In their impossibility, I find comfort in knowing that I will not have to see for myself if I shall live up to them or not, simply because I know they will not come true. I dream them to be impossible, they’re designed to be farfetched because you can’t lose or disappoint what you will never have.

It may sound dark and twisted to some, but to me, it’s not.

I overcompensate by indulging in even more dreaming; even the sky does not limit me, and in my dreams, everything I want just happens naturally without having to ask or even wish for it, and it happens in so many different ways and in all the possible scenarios, and more importantly, in all the impossible ones.

Months ago, I sort of grew tired of living my life in my head rather than actually living it, I complained about it to Rasha, and she consoled me saying that most people who are like me do the same because this world will never be good enough for our expectations.

I don’t think those who are like me necessarily do the same, unless like me, they’re trapped in tangled social dimensions of roles, responsibilities, obligations, and other things they just have no energy to either change or challenge.

I can’t afford to twist all the rules in my favor, or be an all-time rebel to get things my way; I am a part-time rebel, and it can be draining especially in a society like this. And honestly, I haven’t seen anything that’s worth that much effort. So, I just make sure I raise that bar as high as no one can possibly reach, so that I won’t exactly have to fight for a comfort zone, a real one with all the things I want.

So until further notice, I hereby acknowledge and surrender give in to my impossible dreams without expecting them to come true, or even hope for it. Why not?! They’re as beautiful as no reality can ever be; and more importantly, they come free of charge.

~ by insomniac on February 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dreaming my Dreams…”

  1. That the most random touchy/inspiring post I read in weeks.Now Im jealous.I want to have impossible dreams too ba2a. Tc Babe xoxo

    • thanks a lot ;)

      and by all means, have your own impossible dreams, no sky can be your limit… just don’t do the famous mistake of expecting them to come true just because you dreamed them ;)))

  2. I agree with Neisy, good post.

    The one thing I’ll say is, nothing is impossible, and dreaming these dreams, and living them in your mind is, in a way, realizing them.

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