Oh yes, we ARE winners!!

I know I probably lack the logic by which most people in this country are led…

Therefore, will someone please bother explaining how can one lousy tournament make us cheer for the same country where this happens…

And this

And this

And many many more!

In this country people die of hunger, they die of torture, they simply die because they don’t have half the basic humane standards of living and medical attention, let alone awareness…

In this country, teachers hit their students to death…

In this country, women can’t walk the streets without being sexually harassed…

In this country, men sell their own daughters for prostitution…

In this country, people get killed on their way out of church on Christmas Eve…

In this country, niqabi students are banned from exams and the the same people who support “Freedom of choice” support such action…

There is corruption in our daily lives…

Hypocrisy and pretense are the names of our daily routines…

But not today to all those who suffer from it all day in and day out…

One goal, and one championship made us winners

And this is a status from FB  “إن ينصركم الله فلا غالب لكم”


So God did not want us to win our daily battles of mere survival, instead,  He destined us for winning a soccer game, and entire tournament, hallelujah, we’re saved!

So, this is our destined victory, in soccer…

And now, all out other problems are solved and we are eternally blessed!

Mabrouk 3aleiky ya masr, kheibtek!

Happy celebrating Egyptians everywhere, enjoy and savor the moment, for you will desperately need it on so many horrible days to come, we hab2a afakarko sa3etha wa2oloko “bas kesebna kas el omam el afriqeya”…


~ by insomniac on January 31, 2010.

42 Responses to “Oh yes, we ARE winners!!”

  1. e7m, this is exactly like when someone says to you when your son is first in class: “hey you, see how others are living in bad conditions, why are you happy?”

    • no

      this is more like the thief who accidentally and unintentionally pushed a child out of the way of a speeding car while he was running away from the police, and people mistook him for a hero…

      the thief being this country as a whole, not the national league per se…

      your analogy is only invalid because those who are living in bad conditions are NOT “others” and btw, that “first class” is not something you or me achieved or will benefit from the next time either of us is assaulted by a police officer who wants to practice his false authority!

    • I don’t really get your point. It is simple, like if you are a Cinema fan and the Egyptian movie got an Oscar. The Egyptians like football like the rest of the world and they are happy like any the rest of the world (exclude US) when their team win a match.

    • then enjoy, celebrate and savor this moment, because this is all the victory this country gets!

    • There is nothing called “THE” victory. There is nothing called “THE” achievement. It is “A” victory.

      If anyone would be enjoying “THE” achievement, then they should leave life and die.

    • thing is, people are treating it as “THE” victory…

    • Did you get the second half of my reply? Logically there is nothing called “THE” victory. ya3ny if a football player considered himself that he did “THE” victory he doesn’t play again.

      If I considered something “THE” victory then I should expect nothing good or bad after this “THE” victory, and then I should live happily ever after, which is something irrelevant.

  2. Hey ya inso,
    Felsana elly rafadna feeha kas el3alm akhadna kas el2omam el2frikia, el fariq el massri *teet*
    Ok dear, I had a conversation about this with my friend on our way home after we went to a cafe to watch the match.
    You can’t teach people to have a sense of achievement, the don’t they haven’t had it since.. since… I guess history hasn’t been kind enough to mention when

  3. a jazz concert to cheer up months of crap at home, personal life an work…a breath of fresh air…ma32ool instead of being mesmerized by the great music that really refreshes my spirit atla3 a2olek eno mazeeket eh o harfoush eh de balad bent teet?!!
    a good concert by harfoush who is one Egyptian makes me feel good about life…and winning a tournament by some Egyptians make the 80 million (well, almost) feel nice.

    eh da5l da belrassa ely foo2 de…which by the way is in every freakin’ country in the world…ya inso ya 7abebtchi kan zaman el3alam batal ye3mel ay 7aga ela eno yoltom 24/7 3ala khebto…bas gayez elnas everywhere need to feel the pleasure of belonging.

    wennaby 5aly elnas elghalaba enjoy 7aga baseeta zay match koora and find that a good reason to feel patriotic…homa radyeen :)

    • a jazz concert is not a national theme and people screaming at the top of their logs cheering a country that gave them nothing…

      they can enjoy a good game, i am not against that, it’s the false sense of patriotism that i resent… it’s dismissing all the failures for the sake on one achievement that i find pathetic!

      to me and you, and evening of music that we cherish and savor makes up for the fights and the inconveniences in our personal lives that we constantly try to make better… if you can convince me that a cup can make up for one tragedy, if you show me one evidence that there is a way out of the hell-hole we’re neck-deep in, i will join and cheer…

      until then, i will remain discontented…

      khaly el sha3b ye3eesh, bas howa aslan mesh 3ayesh, we mesh match wala “botoola” elly haye7yooh… de balad betebny 7a2et makan 3al 7udoood elly fe yoom men el ayam 3abaret qanatha… so patriotism is not something i can believe in anymore!

    • It is a purpose in itself to buy a flag and say masr. What you don’t know is that those poor fellows have nothing to make them all happy and feel a sense of unity but football. Sympathy is what you should feel for them not resentment.

    • i DO NOT resent them, i resent the false sense of patriotism…

  4. Two different points ya inso…meen aal tournament bte7yee wala makes up for an act of corruption…heya bas betfara7 sha3b mat7oon…those same people who are ghalaba played the match and won it and made their fellow Egyptians happy for a little while…bas…mesh aktar…(geddo, wael gom3a wel 7adary fala7een men qora masr)
    it was not the government who is building a wall who won the cup…fellow Egyptians did…and Egypt is the place that contains some people of common culture on its land…we may have balawy eldonia kolaha…but we are who we are…simple people who insist on living and grabbing a smile here and there in order to survive.

    3arfa, makansh 7ad 3amal afra7 wala e7tafal b3eed wala de7ek…kanet elnas 3amalet maqbara gama3eya o maweto nafsohom if they felt they didn’t have a meaning they belonged to…a shared meaning that would make them happy sometimes.

    patriotism is as personal as religion…no one can force someone to feel it…bas to the majority it is a faith we can’t let go of and in my opinion we shouldn’t loose such anchor…anyway…elmohem yefdal harfoush yeghany o rabena yedeeny 3omr a7dar a good concert soon because ana arrabt alsa3 :D

    • i am not against the people or the national team… i just expect more of everything, i expect that when people carry a flag and cheer a country’s name it would be because this country had honored them, not because they honored it!

      you just said that patriotism is as personal as religion, but this feels anything but personal… the way people impose their patriotism and expect me to share it just because i am “Egyptian”… to me, my sense of patriotism is not defined by a game, it’s defined by hour proud i feel belonging to this country when i am asked where i come from… this sense of pride is diminishing simply because this country no longer gives me any reasons to be proud; it’s corrupt and unjust and not a good place for good honest people… heya fe3lan maqbara le kol 7aga kowayesa… and i am so resentful because a part of me loves it and hates how it is, and both parts realize en maleesh balad gherha, fa 7azeena!

      so again, khaly elly yefra7 yefra7…

      we’ll just agree to disagree ya roosh :)

  5. Sure.

    On a final note, i hope you realize that our little discussion here is for the mere purpose of sharing opinions (after all comments are allowed) and is as far from imposing ideas and annoying you as could be…

    • lol @ (after all comments are allowed)… betla2a7y le nafsek :)))

      and of course i get that it’s not about imposing ideas or annoying me, of all people ya3ne, akeed i know you wouldn’t annoy me :)

  6. Kudos ins! I’m sick of talking about this whole issue. However I’m happy to find those who approve.
    w ba2et ba2ol “el7mdolelah alzi 3afana” :D

  7. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  8. Ppl are desperate for anything to cheer for ya inso :) mafeesh ay 7aga tfara7 aslan fel3eesha…yalla 7’ally el sha3b y3eesh yomeen wo ba3d keda yfoo2 lel waksa.nothing lasts forever.

    Geddo geddo ow3a ygelak geddo :D :P

  9. Elfekra en people can enjoy the game, be happy about the result, be proud of the team. That’s the keyword though, it’s a sports team, it represents a country’s sports (specifically football in this instance) institution, and its team. That’s all.

    It’s the media, and politicians specifically that try to ride that wave of support and enthusiasm, and turn it from just directed at a team, to an entire country and all its institutions. Ya3ni the next person that calls into a show and thanks Gamal Mubarak has to explain what exactly Gamal did that directly, or indirectly 7atta ya seedi, ya akhi mn b3eed awi awi awi kaman, 2oli bas, what did he do that led to the team’s win?

    Congratulations to the team. Wi kol 7ad mesh 3ayez yetfarag wala mesh football fan, wala makhnoo2 melheesa eli over awi, 7or wi loh 7a2.

    • lol, msh ra7 l match w shaga3? :D

    • agreed!

      and yeah, it’s that sense false of gratitude that gets on your nerves and makes you unable to appreciate anything… ennaharda yeshor gamal mubaarak la2eno ma2dersh yeloomo howa aw 7ekoomet abooh 3ala their daily misery…

      it’s that contrast that gets to me and makes me overreact to a match, just like everybody else!!

  10. La2 ba2a..ana b7b masr f kol teetha w teetha w teetha (censored words lol im still young)It is true people did take this way to far, but its a world record we are taking about.Plus Lately i noticed the increased amount of egypt haters(Living in a gulf country for almost all my life)And guess what?The reason they hate it is because we are always so proud of it and we are never ashmed to admit we are wrong.The day we won, the streets here suddenly turn into on of egypt’s.Even the haters were outside with the egyptian flags all over.The police did nothing to stop this.People understand what a big of a deal egypt is.And I think thanks to our media everyone nows masayeb el masreyen and yet they tend to respect it.I think Egypt deserves an applauding for the respect it gained through out the year.I couldnt agree more,we have more serious issues to worry about.But don’t you forget that football is not just a game in egypt.Its more than that.It brought our nation together since 2004.It well represented us in front of Africa and the world.We are the only team named as el sajedin. Dont you think this speaks for the country.We were the civilized ones in Sudan and waited for god to return our right fair and square.Don’t you think this speaks for the country?God,just watch the TV during the tournaments and see those amazing touchy commercials they make just for football and for our team.Go to any mp3 website and type the name of any country and then type Egypt and compare the amount of songs you find.We are and always will be a nation of pure pride.Its in your blood.You cant fight it.Things go to certain extremes sometimes but that doesn’t make them less important.My country is just like any other country with its good side and bad side expect for one simple fact No one stands of it.
    Sorry this is such a personal topic being raised up away from it.There were millions of situations were I had to defend it and I always reached out for the facts no1 can possibly ignore.They now know me in college as the Egyptian although I’m not the only one.I can’t possible me more proud yet ana mesh nayma 3ala wedano bardo.
    LOL tawelt 3aleki 7ayatii…please tc Izo <3

    • leh ya Neisy keda!

      the “leh” is about raising too many points that i just can’t ignore!!!

      ok, wa7da wa7da…

      Egypt haters – they are more about “Egyptian-haters” and honestly, sometimes it’s really hard to blame them; and before you go all patriotic on me, reconsider how MOST Egyptians behave everywhere around you, whether inside or outside Egypt, and you’ll get how that stereotype stuck!! i am sure since you live abroad, you already carry the burden of properly representing your culture and making sure you’re not categorized within the same generalized notion of “Egyptians”… do you know how many times people would tell me i “don’t act Egyptian” as a compliment? do you know how insulting this can be? and i used to react like you, but i have seen my share of how the people of my country behave, and it’s sad; we’re racists, takhayaly, e7na benetarya2 3ala khal2 rabena bekoll 3eyobna de!!! i do however acknowledge that there are decent Egyptian, actually i personally know a lot more of those than i know of the other kind, but they say “السيئة تعم”

      Being proud – we should be proud, but we should have valid reasons to be proud; otherwise, it’s mere arrogance… and when we suck at EVERYTHING, but excel at soccer, that is NOT a good enough reason to be proud… you can’t have people dying because your country is so corrupted beyond repair and say “but hey, we got the African cup 3 years in a row”… how many hungry people did that “championship” feed? how many of unsheltered did it shelter? how many injustice did it undo?? if you’re proud we achieved that much in soccer, be averagely proud, be moderately proud, smile and thank God, but don’t over do it as if all your problems were solved by a magic wand… i’m sorry, but i’d trade those 3 cups for three major tragedies that happened in Egypt due to corruption, one for each year… the millions of families that have lost loved ones should want to know their lives are better secured more than they should hope for an empty cup… yes, it’s a victory, but you don’t get to celebrate achievements when you you have millions and millions of basic needs unfulfilled….

      Football is not just a game – but is a game, excuse the non-fan in me… i acknowledge its importance, but what good does it add to the actual and material value of the lives of the people? i do not mean to underestimate its value on their morale, but it should not exceed the importance of things that actually make a country prosper!!!!

      brought the country together – i wish that country could be brought together in doing something for its own good for a change! but i lost hope in that! cheering and blocking traffic with flags is not “bringing the country together”… “bringing the country together” should have a more positive outcome, don’t you think?!

      we acted civilly in Sudan – no, we were just not strong enough to return the insult twice as bad; we were cornered and out-numbered… civil is not instinctively our thing, and daily events in the Egyptian streets definitely testifies to that…

      amazing touchy commercials – i personally found them cliche, dumb and borderline insulting to my brains, not to mention disgusting and lacking anything of substance of class… but i can’t blame them, it takes A LOT to impress me and make me say “this is a good ad”

      Egypt songs – only one song dedicated to Egypt moves me: “7elwa ya balady”… and i like “a7san nas” by dalida, but i can’t exactly say it moves me… again, i find most of those, especially ba3d el thawra rather cliche, not to mention fake, if not preposterous!

      we’re a nation of pure pride – i think the purity of that pride is the same as that of river nile after years and years of throwing animal corpses into it have done in addition to all the pollution and waste dumping… a person can only remain proud for sometime… proud ezay when we’re treated as third class nationality with extra security-related forms to get into some countries!!!

      yes, every country has its good and its bad, but this is not any other country, this is my country, and its bad outweighs its good, and it makes me sad that people pretend like it’s not the case and indulge in a temporary victory like there’s no tomorrow! i am sick of soccer and how it defines the morale of people around me, and i seriously wonder if the morale of a mother who had lost her child (the teacher who killed a child or the millions who drowned) was uplifted because of such victory enough to make it ok for her loss, and those little maternal instincts of mine tell me it couldn’t possibly be the case, and i ache!

      sorry for the LENGTHY reply, but i just couldn’t help myself….

      i get that it’s not my right to deprive people of their little joys, let them have it… and i also get that i don’t have the right to talk you out of your own convictions, and i am most certainly not even trying; it’s just how i see things and my passion is what makes me sound so angry… I honestly don’t mean to offend!

    • Leh ya Izo keda
      Again the “leh” is for the points i feel like i need to discuss back.But tell you..I’ll do that fel weekend.I have a final tomorrow”Computer Architecture and Organisation” And yes its as horrible as it sounds even more.LOL.But to sum up my coming reply I do know one thing.You now better.You lived there.You’re more in touch with the problems and attitudes in return.I no we’re not perfect.hell we are far from perfect but im sorry to say the only image of Egypt I see is either the one I lived to imagine or that carried by the media.Both are so contradicting.I hear about the problems thru Amr Adeb or Mo3taz or Mona.And I hear about the streets and places from visitors.I hear about the people from you and other fellow Egyptian bloggers.Yet my brain only sees the egypt i carry in my heart.And Im a huge football fan btw.W zamlkaweya kaman =D.I know who horrible egyptians gets but sadly enough I lived in a shell all my life hiding me from all that.So I really cant argue with your points as I said you know more.I love egypt.So do you.So lets do something about it. :)

  11. oppaa…we23o fi ba3d. *sits and watches*

  12. […] blogger, My Oblivia, had a different point of view here: Therefore, will someone please bother explaining how can one lousy tournament make us cheer for […]

  13. […] blogger, My Oblivia, had a different point of view here: Therefore, will someone please bother explaining how can one lousy tournament make us cheer for […]

  14. Egypt got the 10th 3ala el 3alam fel kora.
    They are celebrating Zidan In Germany this Sunday for his outstanding input shown in Afria.
    The revenue of the celebration done in el estad this Friday is all going to da7ya el seyol.
    See football does help sometimes :)

    • why does everyone just enjoy rubbing this on me?!!!!

      tayeb, my reply is “what is the rank of our universities/educational level?”… or “what is the rank of our hospitals/health care?”… or “what is the rank of our response as a country in times of crisis?”…

      if we made it to the top 50 in any of those, we wouldn’t exactly need to have funds collected from football!! and even if we did, it wouldn’t be as shameful as it feels that we’re lacking in all these things…

      which adds more to value of a person’s life, football or the things i mentioned??

    • Well, at least there is value added.At least we are excelling in something.It might be the important thing.But its not like we rank the top in the crime world too.Sports are important.And I hope that tomorrow holds a better day for egypt and the arab countries with better education like you mentioned,better goverment better streets better youth better minds better menatlities.However,I think its well know around the middle east that Egyptians are the thoughest educationaly.Terms like “da7anen” are what I hear when I speak abt egyptian Uni.Ma3rof fel belad el 3arabia eno 3adena derasa sa7 donan 3an el ba2i ely fe3lan beyl3ab.And honey I dont enjoy rubbing anying on you :(
      7aram 3aleki dana 3’lbana.I j ust enjoy debates more than you can possibly imagine.
      LOVE X Neisy

    • excelling at something is definitely good, i’m talking about the overdoing it…

      that’s the thing, people automatically assume my criticism is about soccer itself when it’s rather about how it’s magnified too much that it overshadows more important things… i am sorry but if my son plays amazing soccer yet he does not know how to read, or think, i will not be happy that he’s “talented”… otherwise, if he’s even average in education, with decent health, i will do all i can to help him achieve more in his talent… priorities :)

      (did i mention that both my boys seem to be developing soccer obsession!! i blame the soccer-mania!)

      about Egypt being the most advanced educationally in Arabia, that’s a lie we desperately want to believe! may be in the past, but recent rankings of worldwide universities and educational institutes shows that some Arab countries (can’t remember which) are in fact ranked much higher than all our major ones… we held on to past glory way too long until it slipped through our hands…

      oh because we were training for soccer to win the African cup 3 years in a row… yes, i guess it was worth it! *rolling eyes*

      and i know you didn’t rub anything, i was kidding :) try to get to my dark sense of humor because sometimes i come off as too serious :)

      and you’re most welcomed to debate all you want dear :)

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  16. Haha..I love you
    But i love your sons more *wink!

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