On Academia!

It’s an easy class; nothing to stress or obsess about!

It’s quite easy and simple, most of which is common sense, and if you have business background, you’d probably already know most of it…

And the ironic part is, you’re either a leader, or you simply are not; no one teaches you that, and no text book can help you change either who you are or your surroundings, unless you have it in you!

And yet…

They want to gather and discuss the dumb assignment we were given after only two classes!

They also want to download some chat program and discuss it further on a private chat room!!


They didn’t even acknowledge the idea that before we meet –should we meet- we need to agree on points of discussion and prepare for them! You would think people who do administration would be aware of how meetings usually drag, but noooooo!!

So far the past two days, I’ve been getting all those emails with all sorts of suggestions, and I am trying to find the words that would convey this without sounding rude or condescending:

I don’t care for a meeting; the assignment has nothing to do with teamwork or sharing understanding/experience, a meeting will be a mere waste of time since nothing will be said that has not already been said!!

I guess I AM rude and condescending after all!

Oh, and did I mention that they actually want to buy a book about modern leadership to do an assignment for a material that was covered in TWO 3-hour classes!!!!!!!! Huh!!!  The alarming thing is that I am the only one who does not want the God damn book!!

There is a slight chance that I am the one who has severe issues here… I just don’t think so.

~ by insomniac on January 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “On Academia!”

  1. da7akony awy… didn’t they hear about google??!!

    • oh they did, and they’re sharing all the links!

      but i guess it’s not enough…

      actually, it’s too much information for a simple assignment, again, like i said, common sense… sometimes when you blow something out of proportion, it does seem more complicated than it really is!

  2. you got that right.

    mesh mesd2ahom begad.

  3. Sometimes telling an idiot you are an idiot doesn’t save the problem. The efficient way is the practical way. Don’t buy the book and don’t go to the meeting, if that’s possible ya3ny, without saying anything.

    • eh da, i thought i replied earlier!

      i said they’re not necessarily idiots, but you’re right, there is nothing to say really; it’s hard for them to get where i’m coming from with my way of thinking, and explaining is quite useless

  4. LOL …. I had to let you know that I was laughing out loud:)

    • haha

      judging by the questions i see my class mates asking, i will never NEVER understand how you teach…

      if i tell you in person, “LOL” would be noting compared to how you’d react!

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