And for that moment in time, I just couldn’t be happier…

This is how it happened…

I was with my parents, my sisters and our friends from Canada on this Coptic History tour I never heard of before; it was like a museum/monastery and we were being led by tour guides.

Then we got into a bazaar like the ones you usually find in such places where there were old fashioned tops that remind you of how people used to dress earlier in the 20th Century and matching bedewin-like shawls…

I was putting one of those tops in front of me while checking how it would look on me in one of the mirrors, when I saw that mirror on my left with the corner of my eye and recognized her face…

I turned and ran towards that mirror, and instead of my reflection I saw her face smiling at me so lovingly… the way she tied her scarf, and those wrinkles that made her more beautiful, and that smile… that smile that could always make me feel safe and loved… my late nana, Allah ye7ramha…

That was when I realized it was a dream!

Yes, there are things that happen within a dream that just tell you even while you’re still sleeping and dreaming that it is a dream… and when that happens in my dreams, I hold on to the dream and I sort of press and invisible “pause button” to freeze that moment until the dream ends on its own. Unfortunately, it always happens, that moment, around the end of the dream.

I kept looking at her smiling face, and without her lips moving I could hear her voice telling me that she was happy to see me… I kept telling her that I miss her every day and that I wished my dream would never end… but it did, and writing those very lines, my tears are flowing on my cheeks as I close my eyes so hard to remember her smiling face… but I am not sad, if anything, I am really happy and grateful.

I saw my late nana in a dream earlier this morning… this will be a lovely day isA..


~ by insomniac on January 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “And for that moment in time, I just couldn’t be happier…”

  1. somehow, I needed to read this. I really did. I can’t fathom how those moments affect me that way .. ends .. you’re so happy you had but so sad they don’t last. so much feelings.

    may she rest in peace, and may happiness visit you everyday :)

  2. I loved reading this post
    dreams fascinate me

  3. It’s always hard for me to think of such things as dreams because the connection is so strong and real that they must be visitations. I truly think they are.

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