Be Forewarned!

25 facts about me, in no particular order…

01- I am stubborn; mules seem to be more compromising!

02- I have serious pride issues; the kind that can be so admirable until people get a chance to see them in action, and then they know how serious they are…

03- I care a lot about how I look; me7antefa­, everything has to match, if I am wearing socks that don’t match, I feel extremely conscious of it until I change it, you know, socks barely show since my pants are long enough! This is the OCD side of me!

04- I have impaired vision; I never wear glasses mostly because I am too proud to admit it (refer to #02), and because it doesn’t look good on me (refer to #03), or so I think.

05- I am bad with numbers; I see them in a romantic sense, floating and dancing, I get them that way, but don’t talk to me about money and hard facts, they confuse me… if you ask me what 20X50 is, I will have to picture them in my head before I answer even though I KNOW it is one of the easiest math questions ever!!

06- I have a mild fear of heights that I constantly try to conquer (refer to #01)

07- I have relationship and dependency issues

08- I am really responsible, but I HATE it

09- I have what it takes to lead, but I avoid it at all costs, it’s a responsibility I never want (refer to #08); but I refuse to be led by an idiot no matter what!

10- I have issues crying in public, when I do it means I am totally stressed out/hurt; HOWEVER, I cry so easily when angry, and I have severe authority issues that activate the water-works instantly!

11- I am severely impatient; waiting aggravates me, as in, could give me a strong ulcer!

12- I hate eating alone in public, no matter how hungry I am, you’d never find me eating out on my own, ever! I wait until I’m home to order something, or eat whatever I find in the fridge, or just sleep it off! I am sort of working on it.

13- I have problems showing compassion because I worry about people’s pride if I do; I wouldn’t want them to mistake it for pity

14- I am very easily bored, which explains why I never maintained a hobby, or even a habit!!

15- I am a multitasking freak, keyword: freak!

16- I am a huge procrastinator, aaand last minute kind of person most of the time :-/

17- I like learning new things, but I am very likely to get bored halfway (refer to #14) and just stop caring.

18- I either babble or say nothing at all…

19- I am a very sociable person, until someone offends me…

20- I hate playing games, and I suck at them… I try to play along nonetheless when someone provokes me, but I find myself giving up halfway (refer to #14) it confuses those who play games because they never figure out my motives or what I’m up to! Truth is, they can save themselves the agony and just ask, they’d be surprised that I’d answer!

21- I am good with directions, freakishly good ;)

22- I am extremely sensitive, adds up to my pride (refer to #02) and my trust issues (refer to #07), and consequently to the whole stubborn thing (refer to #01)!

23- I am too aware of what goes on inside my mind, I know all it’s tricks and defense mechanisms and when I am confused about something I keep overanalyzing it until I drive myself –and whoever I’d share it with- crazy!

24- Music soothes me, especially Jazz and Opera, they just seep into my soul and work their magic!

25- In case it’s not obvious enough, I am an extremist, an all-or-nothing kind of person!

According to this, I am a certified coocoo-head, if you disagree; wait up for more of those!

~ by insomniac on January 19, 2010.

18 Responses to “Be Forewarned!”

  1. Women! *rolls eyes*

    • so all the women you know have those 25 things in common with me????

    • Nope, not at all. But all women I know have a list of 25 things of some sort. And all women are “certified coocoo-heads” (your words). And no woman i know or have known was a flat line on the emotional scale, always all over the place, ups and downs (i.e. extremes). They never know what they want.

    • well, i have enough courage to testify to my own coocoo-head-ness! and my 25 things can go on forever! and i don’t know what i want, but i DO KNOW what i don’t want….

      so yeah, i am a woman, it’s no like you can hold it against me :P

      i am curious if you can write a list that long about yourself tho *haha3*

  2. I want more of this :)
    And when you work of the eating alone in public thing tell me what did you do. Because I don’t even get myself to sit for a meal if I am alone.

    Ah, did I say I want more of this :)

    • hahhaa, i will keep taking notes of more until there’s enough material for a post… may be i should quiz the readers to say things that are not mentioned above and see how well they know me from my posts, how about that!

    • I am in, and here is my contribution :)
      One thing a person can know about you from your posts is that you have a high sense of conscience.

    • hahahhaa, you put it nicely; my friend refers to me as “moral nazi”…

  3. for 21 quite amazing as good is an understatement.

  4. You can add a brilliant writer.

  5. i want more like shimaa :)

    and sees that we match in somethings:

    Stubborn “mokh se3edy :D”

    The socks thing, they should match the outfit, and i can change my whole outfit, if my socks are in the laundry basket.

    about the responsibility thing, it’s good to be that person, and normal to hate it, but believe most of the time it’s really better than depending on people who won’t help when you need them.

    It’s good to know that there is someone on this planet good with directions :D, good for you… it’s great to not be lost easily.

    i liked how you described yourself a coocoo-head :)

    • Thanks ya Ze2red :)

      glad to know someone out there has the socks thing in common!

      and i don’t want to rely on anyone, i just hate it when people rely on me because i am “responsible”!

      and yes, i enjoy my sense of direction, at least the geographic one ;) alhamdulilah :)

      the coocoo-head-ness is not exclusive, feel free to join :)

  6. I LOVE these kind of posts, I too want so much more of those!

    Btw we share some(#04, #09, #21), strangely!

    Waiting for the upcoming posts (3ala a7ar mn l gamr :D)

    • once i write a list of 25 more things i will post it… i am sort of counting on reader participation here!



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