A good movie, you say…

I wanted to write about my place to be, but too many other things overwhelmed me…

Like the dumb conversation about “Egyptian Intelligence” and how I got carried away explaining that such thing means nothing to the average Egyptian Bora3y, or at least it shouldn’t, but it’s just used to create pseudo patriotism and make all the Bora3ys rather more focused on a common enemy instead of their daily struggle to make a half-decent living!

Yes, I resent all the movies and shows about Egyptian patriotism, especially those that made hits and deluded my generation into believing in a country that never existed!  It’s the same thing over and over again; weak script made only to indulge the fake sense of superiority we feel as Arabs towards Israelis; it’s always the witty Egyptian guy against the evil and mostly dull and stupid Israeli officer!!

Filmmakers are completely incapable of realism in their work; they only seek a certain reaction from the public to get good reviews: we’re better, they’re dumbwe win, they lose – The End!! After all, who hates a “happy” ending!

It’s sad, tragic if you ask me!! My generation sat and watched all the sappy movies and shows that discuss “us” and “them”, cheaply using every ethnic complex we have, and my poor generation was deeply influenced by all that crap! I say crap because none of this BS was for a good cause; none of it explained that we need to be better people, or that we need to achieve socio-economic welfare in order to exist!  Instead, such “work” only made bigots out of us, and nourished an appalling sense of ethnic superiority!!! It’s sad!!! And it’s actually ironic because now we’re building the Gaza Wall!!!!

Man, I would love to see the next patriotic piece of work à la Ra2fat El Haggan that would make the Gaza Wall look like a pure patriotic act against Israel, and make Egypt the mother country of all Arabia again!!

I walk around hearing millions of Egyptians cursing at Palestinians saying that “they’re in our country, stealing our jobs”… there might be a fraction of truth to that, but unfortunately, it holds so little integrity when all those who blabber barely do their jobs!!!

We’re such a prejudiced society, it’s always “us” vs. “them”, and there is a different them each time!! I’ve heard it all; if it’s not “el kayan el sehyoony”, it’s “the gharb beye7qed 3al kheir elly fe baladna” (bala waaaaksaaa), or it’s “el khalayga elly ma3andohomsh la 7adara wala game3at zayena” (seriously!!), and most recently “el gazayreyeen elly la 3andohom balad wala 3arfenlohom mella, yeego eh gamb door masr fel a7das el 3alameya” (sama3ny a7la salam le masr!!)

Always a different “them”, but that’s not the sad part yet… the sad part is that  the “us” keeps losing its shape and substance day after day as it loses all those things that once made it special, if it ever was – I am sorry, I don’t remember living in a country with that glory you speak of!!!!

So, when you resent the “filthy rich Palestinians” for “forgetting about their cause and living their lives lavishly”, take a minute to check your mirror image and let me know how different you are from them!! I don’t see you having a cause to begin with; you’re sheep, you get your daily dose of culture through hear-say!! I know I might be exactly the same, but I don’t dare praise the so called “Egyptian Intelligence” or claim that Awlad El 3amm is a great movie because it tells the story of a real Egyptian Officer!!!!

I am all for investing in film-making, but please, if you’re incapable of realism in your work, make it fiction and spare every one the thinking since I completely understand that it’s impossible to make a movie that tells people how to be better – makansh 7ad gholob!

Oh and I barely watched the first 15 minutes of the movie due to bad resolution, the script is just lame, and I wish I had a more eloquent word to describe it, but it’s not even worth trying to find one!!!

~ by insomniac on January 10, 2010.

11 Responses to “A good movie, you say…”

  1. hmmm…
    the whole idea: yes…we think in “us” and “them” like every other nation…every group of people that feels the “us” have a “them” somewhere or somehow…
    we have the israeli…USA has mexico, cuba, russia and the middle east to say the least…Europe has USA and France (the funny one) has the rest of the world hahaha
    we ought to focus on what makes our life better because we have a terrible economic and political atmosphere but the thing is…having a “them” is essential in life…a fact of life i might add as good and bad co exist…us and the enemy does too.
    and we do have an enemy right across the border…but the issue of palestinaians and israelis has too many messed up conflicts to comment on here :) wenty 3arfany mesh raghaya lol

    as for the movie…you should’ve seen it in the theatre…(compared to other egyptian movies) good acting, great locations, filming, good music and in a scene or two i cried my heart out.

    saba7 elfoll ya o5tchi :D

    • saba7 el nour ya 7abibtchi!!

      aywa mashy, you proved my point! be it the US, Europe or even France, we can’t even try to compare our status against theirs, e7na fakreen el nas bete7qed 3aleeina ya Roosh!!! i grew up seeing people making fun of Indians, and they still do, while India is more advanced than us in a so many things!!! what is “our” thing??? “kheffet el damm” 7atta de eddarabet and it’s reduced to “aba7a”…. having an enemy did not make us advance a bit, we use it as an excuse 3ashan netwekes aktar!!

      i know very few people who see it my way, that it shouldn’t be “us” and “them”, it should just be “me”, and am i a good person wala howa bas ghabawa!!

      i plan on seeing the movie in better resolution la2eny seme3t wallahu a3lam eno good cinematography and directing… walawen one schene convinced me eny mesh hashoof la good script wala good acting “ana ya habibty neseet 2a2ollek eny zabet isra2eeli wesmy daniel” – teshtemy wala ashtem ana fe serry!!!

  2. lol God I loved this post, this is your ‘etwekso’ art in its finest bloom, applied 3al balad kollaha!!

    The only thing we can all do is to try as hell and unlearn the things inflicted by our dismantled society, I think that’s trying to be better in essence, and not anything else.

    In all aspects ba2a, you choose ..

    • thanks!

      i agree that we should “unlearn” that part of our collective culture, problem is, not all of us do, and those who try are constantly frustrated by those who don’t!

      i will still try though, i guess!

  3. lmao :D da7keteny. I’m not sure what is the main reason for the Egyptian arrogance, I don’t think that “us” and “them” have a major role in that. And you can see this in the very little details in the egyptian streets, not only wold wildly and it’s just pisses me off :S

    • it really baffles me that we can be both inferior yet superior!! i mean we can’t even focus on complex for God’s sake!!!

      and don’t get me started on the “Egyptian arrogance”, we have subcategories for “us” and “them” you know… we literally and religiously apply the whole “ana wakhooya 3ala ebn 3ammy, wana webn 3ammy 3al ghareeb”! and it gets disturbing because our minds seem to be structured to do that shamelessly!

      khaleeny sakta wennaby!

  4. That was one hell of a rant, bravo 3aleeki.

    I’m actually one of those people that agree with everything you said, and judging from the comments above, I’m not the only one.

    Welad el3amm…let’s wait until you see it to form a complete opinion, but I honestly hated it, and the direction and acting were on the same level of the script/plot.

    As for the whole notion of Egyptian arrogance, it’s partly true that it exists in other cultures (i.e. USA). The major difference is, we in Egypt tend to have much more of a sheep mentality versus the west where individual opinion and speech is respected. For example the whole Algeria incident a couple of months ago, anyone that said anything that could be viewed as mildly “pro-Algeria”, was immediately condemned (look up Khaled Youssef’s call to 3amr Abee7’s show that day).

    Elmohem, the irony of the us vs. them mentality is that we get so caught up with our superiority complex that deceives us into believing we’ve “achieved” and “won” on some front, that we don’t actually achieve or win any battles, ideological, political or otherwise.

    3ala ra2yik gatna waksa

    • :)

      you know, i am seriously considering watching the movie despite the bad resolution just to diss it some more!! i mean it would have been more tolerable for me to watch it without the piece of information that “it’s based on a true story” in the back of my head… now i’m just biased!!

      mmm… it’s funny how people say that the “sheep mentality has originated in the US”, and that here the average taxi driver is “more intellectual” – but then again, we are the society of “fatayeen”! i believe peer pressure is everywhere, in the West or here; people feel intimidated to speak up their minds when what they think contradicts or even differs from what everybody else seems to agreed on… of course, we take it to a scary level; it’s funny though because a lot of people would tell you that “we enjoy the freedom of democracy nowadays unlike before”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      eh da, ana aslan masme3tesh 3an the whole Khaled Youssef/Amr Adeeb thing; ya3ne you picked my two favorite guys in the Egyptian media, lol… maskham men seidy ella setty <– look at me saying amsal and all!!
      will look it up, but i will need help, link me if you already have it!

      i totally agree with what you said last… ahem, esmaha "bala waksa" – el waksa already gat we moqeema khalas :))

    • Link to Amr Abee7 show when Khaled calls:

      He dares say “sha3b elgaza2er sha3b mo7taram” and that really gets Abee7 worked up.

    • “mo7eb lelmasryeen” not “mo7taram”

  5. ok, i watched it!

    however, this does not change what i think of Khaled Yousef and his directing :)

    the really funny thing is that people severely attacked Amr Abee7 (3ashan matez3alsh) back when he “insulted” the national team ayam that match in SA… then they became more willing to accept his BS when it was to their liking and attacking a “them” not an “us”… the double standards that someone could lose his integrity on a matter one day and then be a credible source of information the next!!!!!! who likes this guy aslan, i never liked him, he’s vulgar and appalling, but again, howa meen 3edel?? even Mona El Shazly who is by far “the most professional” among Egyptian hosts is too commercial and sometimes unacceptably insensitive!

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