I will just say it and get it over with…

I don’t care for you anymore… you mean nothing to me…

I don’t believe I owe you anything anymore; I think you’ve successfully managed to even out that little I owed you…

You just kept taking all your rights for granted until you forgot what your responsibilities were; and it just doesn’t work that way, it shouldn’t!!

There! I said it! And I just no longer care if it makes me a bad person, and I don’t even care anymore if Karma puts me in your shoes for kicks; I just don’t give the slightest care anymore…

~ by insomniac on January 8, 2010.

9 Responses to “There!”

  1. People keep pushing us to the edges, and I think this is something! cause at this point you’re turning a page from the past and starting brand new one with no looking backs inshalah :), you gonna see that after a while :)
    Best wishes :)

    • ummm, this is not the kind of relationship where you’d need a new one to fill its place! and sadly, no pages are being turned, we’re stuck in a dysfunctional relationship simply because it’s a non-romantic one!

  2. How brave of you..
    Wish we all had your strength,or at least me as a matter.
    It feels great knowing that you will finally turn your around and look ahead to a better tomorrow.At least you got the for those people whom misuse,their day will come to hunt them down I believe.

    • well, like i was telling deppy… it might have sounded like a romantic relationship, it’s not… it took no strength to reach this point; it took years of constant abuse… it’s not a good place to be, when you deal with a person for whom you feel that way on daily basis trying to ignore them but they just won’t let you because they think you owe them better than that!!

  3. whenever it’s possible, just kick them out of your life for good.

  4. Oh in that case..outch!
    best wishes from begad however keep me updated on stuff..I kinda am in the same situation :S

  5. bravo!

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