Blue Moon, New Year, New Blog… Same old me!!

It just hit me; one does not need to be a new or a changed person to start something new!! I am the same person, but I am starting a new blog, hoping change will catch up, to the better.

Special thanks go to Ibraheem elly etsha7tef ma3aya until I decided on a template (Geminis are a pain in the neck that way) since he suggested the move around a week ago, until now!!

In the spirit of new beginnings, WordPress, here I come!!

~ by insomniac on January 3, 2010.

35 Responses to “Blue Moon, New Year, New Blog… Same old me!!”

  1. I’m so happy with this really, congratulations :)

    And you’re the one who picked the template and the masthead really.

    Hope WordPress would be a nice companion in 2010 :)

    • yeah, i picked them, and you went through hell to do the previews because i am a spoilt brat; hence the gratitude :D

  2. I love the template, I love the spirit, I hate wordpress!

    Happy new year! =))

    • thanks :)

      and yeah, i can see why you hate it; it’s a lot of work, and so will my new place once i move isA!

      and of course you hate it, i mean it doesn’t show your photo, it shows that weird thing :)

    • lol actually it looks more neat and professional, do u’ve any idea if I can move here but with having all my old posts and comments?

    • it actually is, but i sort of miss blogger nonetheless :)

      i’ve been told you can import all your old posts from your old blog and keep the comments and all, check it out yourself, all you need is free time to make an account and adjust the settings :)

  3. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!:). I’ll go and read some more!

  4. Here’s to new beginnings :)

  5. Congrats Inso hope this new blog change will be a good luck to you ..
    3ataba gedeeda:))

  6. Mabrook el 3ataba el gedeeda :D
    3o2bal el melk ;)

  7. Cheers!

    I am glad you did that move!!

    Geminis LOVE CHANGE!

  8. Welcome to wordpress, I’m already thinking of doing the same with my blog :)

    Just a little request, can you make the feed full instead of short?

  9. Salud Inso! Mabrouk. Tab3an to a newbie like myself I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what the difference is, but i was “advised” to go to wordpress – and that’s the great thing about having good solid friends who tell you to do things and you follow them blindly :)
    Hope this marks a fresh new start, and not only in blogging :)

    • ana a3da mestaneya the fresh new start de since i posted, i can’t seem to have anything in mind to write, wala 7atta ay 7aga betsatafezzeny kefaya!!! can you imagine!!

  10. ah! forgot to tell you.. I love the bar at the top with the moon and the trees and the stars. Really love it :))

    • hahaha, i love it too… i first found it when i was making my avatar mosaic, the one from my old blog…. it’s brilliant :)

  11. mabrook :) .. i like the template :) ..

    i’ve been thinking of moving to wordpress bardo bas mekasela :D
    anyways, happy new year .. wish all happiness to you :)

    • thanks :)

      yeah, i totally understand the kassal factor… happy new year to you :)

  12. why r u silent on the new place :)?? it’s not motivating enough? yalla sheddy 7elek keda and fill it with posts hopefully optimistic ones :)

  13. 7amdella 3ala elsalaama. I hope the ride from blogger to wordpress wasn’t too bumpy!

  14. Oh, and one more thing.. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I abreciate it mucho mucho :))

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    Truly yours

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